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As a constant effort to provide more and more literature and its translation on the web we now are glad to announce the addition of this new section. Here you can directly read the line by line English Translation of some chosen portions like Nitnem, Shlokas etc. of the Guru Granth Sahib Ji.

*** Before you proceed furrther please ensure that you have the relevant fonts, posted on the download page, installed on your computer to correctly interpret the Gurmukhi part of the translation page.

If you don't have the Gurmukhi fonts then please click here to download the archive of relevant fonts and then please install them. This a one time procedure and then you can visit this page anytime without the hassel of downloading or installations.

Please select the translation you want to read (allow the complete page to download as it may take a few seconds to diplay the entire page correctly)

ball_o.gif (1635 bytes) Translation of Anand Sahib ( Ramkalee Mehla 3)

ball_o.gif (1635 bytes) Translation of Shlokas of  Bhagat Kabir Ji

ball_o.gif (1635 bytes) Translation of Shlokas of  Shaykh Farid Ji

ball_o.gif (1635 bytes) Translation of Sidhgost

ball_o.gif (1635 bytes) Translation of Ardaas

Coming soon  ~~~~~~> Translation of Sukhmani Sahib and Asa di War.

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