slok Bgq kbIr jIau ky ]
Shlokas of Devotee Kabeer Ji

< siqgur pRswid ]

One Universal Creator God.
By the Grace of the True Guru.

kbIr myrI ismrnI rsnw aUpir rwmu
Kabeer, my rosary is my tongue, upon which the Lord’s Name is strung.
Awid jugwdI sgl Bgq qw ko suKu ibsRwmu  1 
From the very beginning, and throughout the ages,
all the devotees abide in tranquil peace. (1)
kbIr myrI jwiq kau sBu ko hsnyhwru
Kabeer, everyone laughs at my social class.
bilhwrI ies jwiq kau ijh jipE isrjnhwru  2 
I am a sacrifice to this social class,
in which I chant and meditate on the Creator. (2)
kbIr fgmg ikAw krih khw fulwvih jIau
Kabeer, why do you stumble? Why does your soul waver?
srb sUK ko nwieko rwm nwm rsu pIE  3 
He is the Lord of all comforts and peace;
drink in the Sublime Essence of the Lord’s Name. (3)
kbIr kMcn ky kuMfl bny aUpir lwl jVwau
Kabeer, earrings made of gold and studded with jewels,
dIsih dwDy kwn ijau ijn@ min nwhI nwau  4 
look like burnt twigs, if the Name is not in the mind. (4)
kbIr AYsw eyku AwDu jo jIvq imrqku hoie
Kabeer, rare is such a person, who remains dead while yet alive.
inrBY hoie kY gun rvY jq pyKau qq soie  5 
Singing the Glorious Praises of the Lord, he is fearless.
Wherever I look, the Lord is there. (5)

kbIr jw idn hau mUAw pwCY BieAw Andu
Kabeer, on the day when I die, afterwards there shall be bliss.
moih imilE pRBu Awpnw sMgI Bjih guoibMdu  6 
I shall meet with my Lord God.
Those with me shall meditate and vibrate on the Lord of the Universe. (6)

kbIr sB qy hm bury hm qij Blo sBu koie
Kabeer, I am the worst of all. Everyone else is good.
ijin AYsw kir bUiJAw mIqu hmwrw soie  7 
Whoever understands this is a friend of mine. (7)
kbIr AweI muJih pih Aink kry kir Bys
Kabeer, she came to me in various forms and disguises.
hm rwKy gur Awpny auin kIno Awdysu  8 
My Guru saved me, and now she bows humbly to me. (8)
kbIr soeI mwrIAY ijh mUAY suKu hoie
Kabeer, kill only that, which, when killed, shall bring peace.
Blo Blo sBu ko khY buro n mwnY koie  9 
Everyone shall call you good, very good,
and no one shall think you are bad. (9)

kbIr rwqI hovih kwrIAw kwry aUBy jMq
Kabeer, the night is dark, and men go about doing their dark deeds.
lY Pwhy auiT Dwvqy is jwin mwry BgvMq  10 
They take the noose and run around;
but rest assured that God shall destroy them. (10)

kbIr cMdn kw ibrvw Blw byiV@E Fwk plws
Kabeer, the sandalwood tree is good, even though it is surrounded by weeds.
Eie BI cMdnu hoie rhy bsy ju cMdn pwis  11 
Those who dwell near the sandalwood tree,
become just like the sandalwood tree. (11)

kbIr bWsu bfweI bUifAw ieau mq fUbhu koie
Kabeer, the bamboo is drowned in its egotistical pride.
No one should drown like this.

cMdn kY inkty bsY bWsu sugMDu n hoie  12 
Bamboo also dwells near the sandalwood tree,
but it does not take up its fragrance. || 12 ||

kbIr dInu gvwieAw dunI isau dunI n cwlI swiQ
Kabeer, the mortal loses his faith, for the sake of the world,
but the world shall not go along with him in the end.

pwie kuhwVw mwirAw gwPil ApunY hwiQ  13 
The idiot strikes his own foot with the axe by his own hand. (13)
kbIr jh jh hau iPirE kauqk TwE Twie
Kabeer, wherever I go, I see wonders everywhere.
iek rwm snyhI bwhrw aUjru myrY BWie  14 
But without the devotees of the One Lord, it is all wilderness to me. (14)
kbIr sMqn kI JuMgIAw BlI BiT kusqI gwau
Kabeer, the dwelling of the Saints is good;
the dwelling of the unrighteous burns like an oven.

Awig lgau iqh Daulhr ijh nwhI hir ko nwau  15 
Those mansions in which the Lord’s Name is not chanted
might just as well burn down. (15)

kbIr sMq mUey ikAw roeIAY jo Apuny igRih jwie
Kabeer, why cry at the death of a Saint? He is just going back to his home.
rovhu swkq bwpury ju hwtY hwt ibkwie  16 
Cry for the wretched, faithless cynic, who is sold from store to store. (16)
kbIr swkqu AYsw hY jYsI lsn kI Kwin
Kabeer, the faithless cynic is like a piece of garlic.
kony bYTy KweIAY prgt hoie indwin  17 
Even if you eat it sitting in a corner, it becomes obvious to everyone. (17)

kbIr mwieAw folnI pvnu Jkolnhwru
Kabeer, Maya is the butter-churn,
and the breath is the churning-stick.

sMqhu mwKnu KwieAw CwiC pIAY sMswru  18 
The Saints eat the butter, while the world drinks the whey. (18)
kbIr mwieAw folnI pvnu vhY ihv Dwr
Kabeer, Maya is the butter-churn; the breath flows like ice water.
ijin ibloieAw iqin KwieAw Avr iblovnhwr  19 
Whoever does the churning eats the butter;
the others are just churning-sticks. (19)

kbIr mwieAw cortI muis muis lwvY hwit
Kabeer, Maya is the thief, which breaks in and plunders the store.
eyku kbIrw nw musY ijin kInI bwrh bwt  20 
Only Kabeer is not plundered; he has cut her into twelve pieces. (20)
kbIr sUKu n eyNh juig krih ju bhuqY mIq
Kabeer, peace does not come in this world by making lots of friends.
jo icqu rwKih eyk isau qy suKu pwvih nIq  21 
Those who keep their consciousness focused on the One Lord
shall find eternal peace. (21)

kbIr ijsu mrny qy jgu frY myrY min Awndu
Kabeer, the world is afraid of death, that death fills my mind with bliss.
mrny hI qy pweIAY pUrnu prmwndu  22 
It is only by death that perfect, supreme bliss is obtained. (22)
rwm pdwrQu pwie kY kbIrw gWiT n Kol@
The Treasure of the Lord is obtained,
O Kabeer, but do not undo its knot.

nhI ptxu nhI pwrKU nhI gwhku nhI molu  23 
There is no market to sell it,
no appraiser, no customer, and no price. (23)

kbIr qw isau pRIiq kir jw ko Twkuru rwmu
Kabeer, be in love with only that one,
whose Master is the Lord.

pMifq rwjy BUpqI Awvih kauny kwm  24 
The Pandits, the religious scholars, kings and landlords
what good is love for them? (24)

kbIr pRIiq iek isau kIey Awn duibDw jwie
Kabeer, when you are in love with the One Lord,
duality and alienation depart.

BwvY lWby kys kru BwvY Grir mufwie  25 
You may have long hair,
or you may shave your head bald. (25)

kbIr jgu kwjl kI koTrI AMD pry iqs mwih
Kabeer, the world is a room filled with black soot;
the blind fall into its trap.

hau bilhwrI iqn kau pYis ju nIkis jwih  26 
I am a sacrifice to those who are thrown in, and still escape. (26)
kbIr iehu qnu jwiegw skhu q lyhu bhoir
Kabeer, this body shall perish; save it, if you can.
nWgy pwvhu qy gey ijn ky lwK kroir  27 
Even those who have tens of thousands and millions,
must depart bare-footed in the end. (27)

kbIr iehu qnu jwiegw kvnY mwrig lwie
Kabeer, this body shall perish; place it on the path.
kY sMgiq kir swD kI kY hir ky gun gwie  28 
Either join the Saadh Sangat, the Company of the Holy,
or sing the Glorious Praises of the Lord. (28)

kbIr mrqw mrqw jgu mUAw mir BI n jwinAw koie
Kabeer, dying, dying, the whole world has to die,
and yet, none know how to die.

AYsy mrny jo mrY bhuir n mrnw hoie  29 
Let those who die, die such a death,
that they shall never have to die again. (29)
kbIr mwns jnmu dulBu hY hoie n bwrY bwr
Kabeer, it is so difficult to obtain this human body;
it does not just come over and over again.

ijau bn Pl pwky Buie igrih bhuir n lwgih fwr  30 
It is like the ripe fruit on the tree; when it falls to the ground,
it cannot be re-attached to the branch. (30)

kbIrw quhI kbIru qU qyro nwau kbIru
Kabeer, you are Kabeer; your name means great.
O Lord, You are Kabeer.

rwm rqnu qb pweIAY jau pihly qjih srIru  31 
The Jewel of the Lord is obtained,
when the mortal first gives up his body. (31)

kbIr JMKu n JMKIAY qumro kihE n hoie
Kabeer, do not struggle in stubborn pride;
nothing happens just because you say so.

krm krIm ju kir rhy myit n swkY koie  32 
No one can erase the actions of the Merciful Lord. (32)
kbIr ksautI rwm kI JUTw itkY n koie
Kabeer, no one who is false
can withstand the Touchstone of the Lord.

rwm ksautI so shY jo mir jIvw hoie  33 
He alone can pass the test of the Lord’s Touchstone,
who remains dead while yet alive. (33)

kbIr aUjl pihrih kwpry pwn supwrI Kwih
Kabeer, some wear gaudy robes, and chew betel leaves and betel nuts.
eyks hir ky nwm ibnu bwDy jm puir jWih  34 
Without the Name of the One Lord,
they are bound and gagged and taken to the City of Death. (34)

kbIr byVw jrjrw PUty CyNk hjwr
Kabeer, the boat is old, and it has thousands of holes.
hrUey hrUey iqir gey fUby ijn isr Bwr  35 
Those who are light get across, while those who carry
the weight of their sins on their heads are drowned. (35)

kbIr hwf jry ijau lwkrI kys jry ijau Gwsu
Kabeer, the bones burn like wood, and the hair burns like straw.
iehu jgu jrqw dyiK kY BieE kbIru audwsu  36 
Seeing the world burning like this, Kabeer has become sad. (36)
kbIr grbu n kIjIAY cwm lpyty hwf
Kabeer, do not be so proud of your bones wrapped up in skin.
hYvr aUpir CqR qr qy Puin DrnI gwf  37 
Those who were on their horses and under their canopies,
were eventually buried under the ground. (37)

kbIr grbu n kIjIAY aUcw dyiK Avwsu
Kabeer, do not be so proud of your tall mansions.
Awju kwil@ Buie lytxw aUpir jwmY Gwsu  38 
Today or tomorrow, you shall lie beneath the ground,
and the grass shall grow above you. (38)

kbIr grbu n kIjIAY rMku n hsIAY koie
Kabeer, do not be so proud, and do not laugh at the poor.
Ajhu su nwau smuMdR mih ikAw jwnau ikAw hoie  39 
Your boat is still out at sea; who knows what will happen? (39)

kbIr grbu n kIjIAY dyhI dyiK surMg
Kabeer, do not be so proud, looking at your beautiful body.
Awju kwil@ qij jwhugy ijau kWcurI BuXMg  40 
Today or tomorrow, you will have to leave it behind,
like the snake shedding its skin. (40)

kbIr lUtnw hY q lUit lY rwm nwm hY lUit
Kabeer, if you must rob and plunder,
then plunder the plunder of the Lord’s Name.

iPir pwCY pCuqwhugy pRwn jwihMgy CUit  41 
Otherwise, in the world hereafter, you will regret and repent,
when the breath of life leaves the body. (41)

kbIr AYsw koeI n jnimE ApnY Gir lwvY Awig
Kabeer, there is no one born, who burns his own home,
pWcau lirkw jwir kY rhY rwm ilv lwig  42 
and burning his five sons, remains lovingly attuned to the Lord. (42)
ko hY lirkw byceI lirkI bycY koie
Kabeer, how rare are those who sell their son and sell their daughter and,
swJw krY kbIr isau hir sMig bnju kryie  43 
entering into partnership with Kabeer, deal with the Lord.(43)
kbIr ieh cyqwvnI mq shsw rih jwie
Kabeer, let me remind you of this. Do not be skeptical or cynical.
pwCY Bog ju Bogvy iqn ko guVu lY Kwih  44 
Those pleasures which you enjoyed so much in the past — now you must eat their fruits. (44)
kbIr mY jwinE piVbo Blo piVby isau Bl jogu
Kabeer, at first, I thought learning was good; then I thought Yoga was better.
Bgiq n Cwfau rwm kI BwvY inMdau logu  45 
I shall never abandon devotional worship of the Lord,
even though people may slander me. || 45 ||

kbIr logu ik inMdY bpuVw ijh min nwhI igAwnu
Kabeer, how can the wretched people slander me?
They have no wisdom or intelligence.

rwm kbIrw riv rhy Avr qjy sB kwm  46 
Kabeer continues to dwell upon the Lord’s Name;
I have abandoned all other affairs. (46)

kbIr prdysI kY GwGrY chu idis lwgI Awig
Kabeer, the robe of the stranger-soul has caught fire on all four sides.
iKMQw jil koielw BeI qwgy AWc n lwg  47 
The cloth of the body has been burnt and reduced to charcoal,
but the fire did not touch the thread of the soul. (47)

kbIr iKMQw jil koielw BeI Kwpru PUt mPUt
Kabeer, the cloth has been burnt and reduced to charcoal,
and the begging bowl is shattered into pieces.

jogI bpuVw KyilE Awsin rhI ibBUiq  48 
The poor Yogi has played out his game; only ashes remain on his seat. (48)
kbIr QorY jil mwCulI JIvir myilE jwlu
Kabeer, the fish is in the shallow water; the fisherman has cast his net.
ieh toGnY n CUtsih iPir kir smuMdu sm@wil  49 
You shall not escape this little pool; think about returning to the ocean. (49)
kbIr smuMdu n CofIAY jau Aiq Kwro hoie
Kabeer, do not leave the ocean, even if it is very salty.
poKir poKir FUFqy Blo n kihhY koie  50 
If you poke around searching from puddle to puddle,
no one will call you smart. (50)

kbIr ingusWeyN bih gey QWGI nwhI koie
Kabeer, those who have no guru are washed away. No one can help them.

dIn grIbI AwpunI krqy hoie su hoie  51 

Be meek and humble; whatever happens is what the Creator Lord does. (51)
kbIr bYsnau kI kUkir BlI swkq kI burI mwie
Kabeer, even the dog of a devotee is good,
while the mother of the faithless cynic is bad.

Eh inq sunY hir nwm jsu auh pwp ibswhn jwie  52 
The dog hears the Praises of the Lord’s Name,
while the other is engaged in sin. (52)

kbIr hrnw dUblw iehu hrIAwrw qwlu
Kabeer, the deer is weak, and the pool is lush with green vegetation.
lwK AhyrI eyku jIau kyqw bMcau kwlu  53 
Thousands of hunters are chasing after the soul;
how long can it escape death? (53)

kbIr gMgw qIr ju Gru krih pIvih inrml nIru
Kabeer, some make their homes on the banks of the Ganges,
and drink pure water.

ibnu hir Bgiq n mukiq hoie ieau kih rmy kbIr  54 
Without devotional worship of the Lord,
they are not liberated. Kabeer proclaims this. (54)

kbIr mnu inrmlu BieAw jYsw gMgw nIru
Kabeer, my mind has become immaculate,
like the waters of the Ganges.

pwCY lwgo hir iPrY khq kbIr kbIr  55 
The Lord follows after me, calling, "Kabeer! Kabeer!" (55)
kbIr hrdI pIArI cUMnW aUjl Bwie
Kabeer, tumeric is yelow, and lime is white.
rwm snyhI qau imlY donau brn gvwie  56 
You shall meet the Beloved Lord,
only when both colors are lost. (56)

kbIr hrdI pIrqnu hrY cUn ichnu n rhwie
Kabeer, tumeric has lost its yellow color,
and no trace of lime’s whiteness remains.

bilhwrI ieh pRIiq kau ijh jwiq brnu kulu jwie  57 
I am a sacrifice to this love, by which social class and status,
color and ancestry are taken away. (57)

kbIr mukiq duAwrw sMkurw rweI dseyN Bwie
Kabeer, the door of liberation is very narrow,
less than the width of a mustard seed.

mnu qau mYglu hoie rihE inkso ikau kY jwie  58 
Your mind is larger than an elephant;
how will it pass through? (58)

kbIr AYsw siqguru jy imlY quTw kry pswau
Kabeer, if I meet such a True Guru,
who mercifully blesses me with the gift,

mukiq duAwrw moklw shjy Awvau jwau  59 
then the door of liberation will open wide for me,
and I will easily pass through. (59)

kbIr nw muoih Cwin n CwprI nw muoih Gru nhI gwau
Kabeer, I have no hut or hovel, no house or village.
mq hir pUCY kaunu hY myry jwiq n nwau  60 
I hope that the Lord will not ask who I am.
I have no social status or name. (60)

kbIr muih mrny kw cwau hY mrau q hir kY duAwr
Kabeer, I long to die; let me die at the Lord’s Door.
mq hir pUCY kaunu hY prw hmwrY bwr  61 
I hope that the Lord does not ask,
"Who is this, lying at my door?" (61)

kbIr nw hm kIAw n krihgy nw kir skY srIru
Kabeer, I have not done anything; I shall not do anything;
my body cannot do anything.

ikAw jwnau ikCu hir kIAw BieE kbIru kbIru  62 
I do not know what the Lord has done,
but the call has gone out: "Kabeer, Kabeer." (62)

kbIr supnY hU brVwie kY ijh muiK inksY rwmu
Kabeer, if someone utters the Name of the Lord even in dreams,
qw ky pg kI pwnhI myry qn ko cwmu  63 
I would make my skin into shoes for his feet. (63)
kbIr mwtI ky hm pUqry mwnsu rwiKEu nwau
Kabeer, we are puppets of clay, but we take the name of mankind.
cwir idvs ky pwhuny bf bf rUMDih Twau  64 
We are guests here for only a few days, but we take up so much space. (64)
kbIr mihdI kir GwilAw Awpu pIswie pIswie
Kabeer, I have made myself into henna, and I grind myself into powder.
qY sh bwq n pUCIAY kbhu n lweI pwie  65 
But You, O my Husband Lord, have not asked about me; You have never applied me to Your Feet. (65)
kbIr ijh dir Awvq jwiqAhu htkY nwhI koie
Kabeer, that door, through which people never stop coming and going
so dru kYsy CofIAY jo dru AYsw hoie  66 
— how can I leave such a door as that? (66)
kbIr fUbw Qw pY aubirE gun kI lhir Jbik
Kabeer, I was drowning, but the waves of virtue saved me in an instant.
jb dyiKE byVw jrjrw qb auqir pirE hau Prik  67 
When I saw that my boat was rotten,
then I immediately got out. (67)

kbIr pwpI Bgiq n BwveI hir pUjw n suhwie
Kabeer, the sinner does not like devotion to the Lord;
he does not appreciate worship.

mwKI cMdnu prhrY jh ibgMD qh jwie  68 
The fly abandons the sandalwood tree, and goes after the rotten smell. (68)
kbIr bYdu mUAw rogI mUAw mUAw sBu sMswru
Kabeer, the physician is dead, and the patient is dead;
the whole world is dead.

eyku kbIrw nw mUAw ijh nwhI rovnhwru  69 
Only Kabeer is not dead; there is no one to mourn for him. (69)
kbIr rwmu n iDAwieE motI lwgI Koir
Kabeer, I have not meditated on the Lord;
such is the bad habit I have developed.

kwieAw hWfI kwT kI nw Ehu crHY bhoir  70 
The body is a wooden pot; it cannot be put back on the fire. (70)
kbIr AYsI hoie prI mn ko Bwvqu kInu
Kabeer, it came to pass, that I did whatever I pleased.
mrny qy ikAw frpnw jb hwiQ isDaurw lIn  71 
Why should I be afraid of death? I have invited death for myself. (71)
kbIr rs ko gWfo cUsIAY gun kau mrIAY roie
Kabeer, the mortals suck at the sugar cane, for the sake of the sweet juice.
AvgunIAwry mwnsY Blo n kihhY koie  72 
They should work just as hard for virtue. The person who lacks virtue — no one calls him good. || 72 ||
kbIr gwgir jl BrI Awju kwil@ jYhY PUit
Kabeer, the pitcher is full of water; it will break, today or tomorrow.
guru ju n cyqih Awpno AD mwiJ lIjihgy lUit  73 
Those who do not remember their Guru, shall be plundered on the way. (73)

kbIr kUkru rwm ko muqIAw myro nwau
Kabeer, I am the Lord’s dog; Moti is my name.
gly hmwry jyvrI jh iKMcY qh jwau  74 
There is a chain around my neck; wherever I am pulled, I go. (74)
kbIr jpnI kwT kI ikAw idKlwvih loie
Kabeer, why do you show other people your rosary beads?
ihrdY rwmu n cyqhI ieh jpnI ikAw hoie  75 
You do not remember the Lord in your heart,
so what use is this rosary to you? (75)

kbIr ibrhu BuXMgmu min bsY mMqu n mwnY koie
Kabeer, the snake of separation from the Lord
abides within my mind;
it does not respond to any mantra.

rwm ibEgI nw jIAY jIAY q baurw hoie  76 
One who is separated from the Lord does not live;
if he does live, he goes insane. (76)

kbIr pwrs cMdnY iqn@ hY eyk sugMD
Kabeer, the philosopher’s stone and sandalwood oil
have the same good quality.

iqh imil qyaU aUqm Bey loh kwT inrgMD  77 
Whatever comes into contact with them is uplifted.
Iron is transformed into gold,
and ordinary wood becomes fragrant. (77)

kbIr jm kw TyNgw burw hY Ehu nhI sihAw jwie
Kabeer, Death’s club is terrible;
it cannot be endured.

eyku ju swDU muoih imilE iqin@ lIAw AMcil lwie  78 
I have met with the holy man;
he has attached me to the hem of his robe. (78)

kbIr bYdu khY hau hI Blw dwrU myrY vis
Kabeer, the physician says that he alone is good,
and all the medicine is under his control.

ieh qau bsqu gupwl kI jb BwvY lyie Kis  79 
But these things belong to the Lord;
He takes them away whenever He wishes. (79)

kbIr naubiq AwpnI idn ds lyhu bjwie
Kabeer, take your drum and beat it for ten days.
ndI nwv sMjog ijau bhuir n imlhY Awie  80 
Life is like people meeting on a boat on a river;
they shall not meet again. (80)

kbIr swq smuMdih msu krau klm krau bnrwie
Kabeer, if I could change the seven seas into ink
and make all the vegetation my pen,

bsuDw kwgdu jau krau hir jsu ilKnu n jwie  81 
and the earth my paper, even then,
I could not write the Praises of the Lord. (81)

kbIr jwiq julwhw ikAw krY ihrdY bsy gupwl
Kabeer, what can my lowly status as a weaver do to me?
The Lord dwells in my heart. Kabeer,

kbIr rmeIAw kMiT imlu cUkih srb jMjwl  82 
the Lord hugs me close in His Embrace;
I have forsaken all my entanglements. (82)

kbIr AYsw ko nhI mMdru dyie jrwie
Kabeer, will anyone set fire to his home
pWcau lirky mwir kY rhY rwm ilau lwie  83 
and kill his five sons (the five thieves)
to remain lovingly attached to the Lord? (83)

kbIr AYsw ko nhI iehu qnu dyvY PUik
Kabeer, will anyone burn his own body?
AMDw logu n jwneI rihE kbIrw kUik  84 
The people are blind — they do not know,
although Kabeer continues to shout at them. (84)

kbIr sqI pukwrY ich cVI sunu ho bIr mswn
Kabeer, the widow mounts the funeral pyre and cries out,
"Listen, O brother funeral pyre.

logu sbwieAw cil gieE hm qum kwmu indwn  85 
All people must depart in the end; it is only you and I." (85)
kbIr mnu pMKI BieE auif auif dh ids jwie
Kabeer, the mind has become a bird;
it soars and flies in the ten directions.

jo jYsI sMgiq imlY so qYso Plu Kwie  86 
According to the company it keeps, so are the fruits it eats. (86)
kbIr jw kau Kojqy pwieE soeI Tauru
Kabeer, you have found that place which you were seeking.
soeI iPir kY qU BieAw jw kau khqw Aauru  87 
You have become that
which you thought was separate from yourself. (87)

kbIr mwrI mrau kusMg kI kyly inkit ju byir
Kabeer, I have been ruined and destroyed by bad company,
like the banana plant near the thorn bush.

auh JUlY auh cIrIAY swkq sMgu n hyir  88 
The thorn bush waves in the wind, and pierces the banana plant; see this, and do not associate with the faithless cynics. (88)

kbIr Bwr prweI isir crY cilE cwhY bwt
Kabeer, the mortal wants to walk on the path,
carrying the load of others’ sins on his head.

Apny Bwrih nw frY AwgY AauGt Gwt  89 
He is not afraid of his own load of sins; the road ahead shall be difficult and treacherous. (89)
kbIr bn kI dwDI lwkrI TwFI krY pukwr
Kabeer, the forest is burning; the tree standing in it is crying out,
miq bis prau luhwr ky jwrY dUjI bwr  90 
"Do not let me fall into the hands of the blacksmith,
who would burn me a second time." (90)

kbIr eyk mrMqy duie mUey doie mrMqh cwir
Kabeer, when one died, two were dead. When two died, four were dead.
cwir mrMqh Ch mUey cwir purK duie nwir  91 
When four died, six were dead, four males and two females. (91)
kbIr dyiK dyiK jgu FUMiFAw khUM n pwieAw Tauru
Kabeer, I have seen and observed, and searched all over the world,
but I have found no place of rest anywhere.

ijin hir kw nwmu n cyiqE khw Bulwny Aaur  92 
Those who do not remember the Lord’s Name —,
why do they delude themselves in other pursuits? (92)|

kbIr sMgiq krIAY swD kI AMiq krY inrbwhu
Kabeer, associate with the Holy people, who will take you to Nirvaanaa in the end.
swkq sMgu n kIjIAY jw qy hoie ibnwhu  93 
Do not associate with the faithless cynics; they would bring you to ruin. (93)

kbIr jg mih cyiqE jwin kY jg mih rihE smwie
Kabeer, I contemplate the Lord in the world;
I know that He is permeating the world.

ijn hir kw nwmu n cyiqE bwdih jnmyN Awie  94 
Those who do not contemplate the Name of the Lord —,
their birth into this world is useless. (94)

kbIr Awsw krIAY rwm kI AvrY Aws inrws
Kabeer, place your hopes in the Lord; other hopes lead to despair.
nrik prih qy mwneI jo hir nwm audws  95 
Those who dissociate themselves from the Lord’s Name —,
when they fall into hell, then they will appreciate its value. (95)

kbIr isK swKw bhuqy kIey kyso kIE n mIqu
Kabeer has made many students and disciples,
but he has not made God his friend.

cwly Qy hir imln kau bIcY AtikE cIqu  96 
He set out on a journey to meet the Lord,
but his consciousness failed him half-way. (96)

kbIr kwrnu bpurw ikAw krY jau rwmu n krY shwie
Kabeer, what can the poor creature do,
if the Lord does not give him assistance?

ijh ijh fwlI pgu Drau soeI muir muir jwie  97 
Whatever branch he steps on breaks and collapses. (97)
kbIr Avrh kau aupdysqy muK mY pir hY ryqu
Kabeer, those who only preach to others — sand falls into their mouths.
rwis ibrwnI rwKqy KwXw Gr kw Kyqu  98 
They keep their eyes on the property of others,
while their own farm is being eaten up. (98)

kbIr swDU kI sMgiq rhau jau kI BUsI Kwau
Kabeer, I will remain in the Saadh Sangat,
the Company of the Holy, even if I have only coarse bread to eat.

honhwru so hoiehY swkq sMig n jwau  99 
Whatever will be, will be. I will not associate with the faithless cynics. (99)
kbIr sMgiq swD kI idn idn dUnw hyqu
Kabeer, in the Saadh Sangat, love for the Lord doubles day by day.
swkq kwrI kWbrI Doey hoie n syqu  100 
The faithless cynic is like a black blanket,
which does not become white by being washed. (100)

kbIr mnu mUMifAw nhI kys muMfwey kWie
Kabeer, you have not shaved your mind, so why do you shave your head?
jo ikCu kIAw so mn kIAw mUMfw mUMfu AjWie  101 
Whatever is done, is done by the mind; it is useless to shave your head. (101)
kbIr rwmu n CofIAY qnu Dnu jwie q jwau
Kabeer, do not abandon the Lord; your body and wealth shall go,
so let them go.

crn kml icqu byiDAw rwmih nwim smwau  102 
My consciousness is pierced by the Lord’s Lotus Feet;
I am absorbed in the Name of the Lord. (102)

kbIr jo hm jMqu bjwvqy tUit geIN sB qwr
Kabeer, all the strings of the instrument I played are broken.
jMqu ibcwrw ikAw krY cly bjwvnhwr  103 
What can the poor instrument do, when the player has departed as well. (103)
kbIr mwie mUMfau iqh gurU kI jw qy Brmu n jwie
Kabeer, shave the mother of that guru, who does not take away one’s doubt.
Awp fuby chu byd mih cyly dIey bhwie  104 
He himself is drowning in the four Vedas;
he drowns his disciples as well. (104)

kbIr jyqy pwp kIey rwKy qlY durwie
Kabeer, whatever sins the mortal has committed,
he tries to keep hidden under cover.

prgt Bey indwn sB jb pUCy Drm rwie  105 
But in the end, they shall all be revealed,
when the Righteous Judge of Dharma investigates. (105)

kbIr hir kw ismrnu Cwif kY pwilE bhuqu kutMbu
Kabeer, you have given up meditating on the Lord,
and you have raised a large family.

DMDw krqw rih gieAw BweI rihAw n bMDu  106 
You continue to involve yourself in worldly affairs,
but none of your brothers and relatives remain. (106)

kbIr hir kw ismrnu Cwif kY rwiq jgwvn jwie
Kabeer, those who give up meditation on the Lord,
and get up at night to wake the spirits of the dead,

srpin hoie kY AauqrY jwey Apuny Kwie  107 
shall be reincarnated as snakes, and eat their own offspring. (107)
kbIr hir kw ismrnu Cwif kY AhoeI rwKY nwir
Kabeer, the woman who gives up meditation on the Lord,
and observes the ritual fast of Ahoi,

gdhI hoie kY AauqrY Bwru shY mn cwir  108 
shall be reincarnated as a donkey, to carry heavy burdens. (108)
kbIr cqurweI Aiq GnI hir jip ihrdY mwih
Kabeer, it is the most clever wisdom,
to chant and meditate on the Lord in the heart.

sUrI aUpir Kylnw igrY q Twhr nwih  109 
It is like playing on a pig; if you fall off, you will find no place of rest. (109)

kbIr suoeI muKu DMin hY jw muiK khIAY rwmu
Kabeer, blessed is that mouth, which utters the Lord’s Name.
dyhI iks kI bwpurI pivqR hoiego gRwmu  110 
It purifies the body, and the whole village as well. (110)
kbIr soeI kul BlI jw kul hir ko dwsu
Kabeer, that family is good, in which the Lord’s slave is born.
ijh kul dwsu n aUpjY so kul Fwku plwsu  111 
But that family in which the Lord’s slave is not born
is as useless as weeds. (111)

kbIr hY gie bwhn sGn Gn lwK Djw Phrwih
Kabeer, some have lots of horses, elephants and carriages,
and thousands of banners waving.

ieAw suK qy iBKw BlI jau hir ismrq idn jwih  112 
But begging is better than these comforts,
if one spends his days meditating in remembrance on the Lord. (112)

kbIr sBu jgu hau iPirE mWdlu kMD cFwie
Kabeer, I have wandered all over the world,
carrying the drum on my shoulder.

koeI kwhU ko nhI sB dyKI Toik bjwie  113 
No one belongs to anyone else; I have looked and carefully studied it. (113)
mwrig moqI bIQry AMDw inkisE Awie
The pearls are scattered on the road; the blind man comes along.
joiq ibnw jgdIs kI jgqu aulGy jwie  114 
Without the Light of the Lord of the Universe,
the world just passes them by. (114)

bUfw bMsu kbIr kw aupijE pUqu kmwlu
My family is drowned, O Kabeer, since the birth of my son Kamaal.
hir kw ismrnu Cwif kY Gir ly AwXw mwlu  115 
He has given up meditating on the Lord, in order to bring home wealth. (115)

kbIr swDU kau imlny jweIAY swiQ n lIjY koie
Kabeer, go out to meet the holy man; do not take anyone else with you.
pwCY pwau n dIjIAY AwgY hoie su hoie  116 
Do not turn back — keep on going. Whatever will be, will be. (116)
kbIr jgu bwiDE ijh jyvrI iqh mq bMDhu kbIr
Kabeer, do not bind yourself with that chain, which binds the whole world.
jYhih Awtw lon ijau son smwin srIru  117 
As the salt is lost in the flour, so shall your golden body be lost. (117)
kbIr hMsu auifE qnu gwifE soJweI sYnwh
Kabeer, the soul-swan is flying away, and the body is being buried,
and still he makes gestures.

AjhU jIau n CofeI rMkweI nYnwh  118 
Even then, the mortal does not give up the cruel look in his eyes. (118)
kbIr nYn inhwrau quJ kau sRvn sunau quA nwau
Kabeer: with my eyes, I see You, Lord; with my ears, I hear Your Name.
bYn aucrau quA nwm jI crn kml ird Twau  119 
With my tongue I chant Your Name;
I enshrine Your Lotus Feet within my heart. (119)

kbIr surg nrk qy mY rihE siqgur ky prswid
Kabeer, I have been spared from heaven and hell,
by the Grace of the True Guru.

crn kml kI mauj mih rhau AMiq Aru Awid  120 
From beginning to end, I abide in the joy of the Lord’s Lotus Feet. (120)
kbIr crn kml kI mauj ko kih kYsy aunmwn
Kabeer, how can I even describe
the extent of the joy of the Lord’s Lotus Feet?

kihby kau soBw nhI dyKw hI prvwnu  121 
I cannot describe its sublime glory; it has to be seen to be appreciated. (121)

kbIr dyiK kY ikh khau khy n ko pqIAwie
Kabeer, how can I describe what I have seen? No one will bellieve my words.
hir jYsw qYsw auhI rhau hriK gun gwie  122 
The Lord is just as He is. I dwell in delight,
singing His Glorious Praises. (122)

kbIr cugY icqwrY BI cugY cuig cuig icqwry
Kabeer, the flamingo pecks and feeds, and remembers her chicks.
She pecks and pecks and feeds, and remembers them always.

jYsy bcrih kUMj mn mwieAw mmqw ry  123 
Her chicks are very dear to her,
just like the love of wealth and Maya is dear to the mortal’s mind. (123)

kbIr AMbr Gnhru CwieAw briK Bry sr qwl
Kabeer, the sky is overcast and cloudy;
the ponds and lakes are overflowing with water.

cwiqRk ijau qrsq rhY iqn ko kaunu hvwlu  124 
Like the sparrow-hawk, some remain thirsty — what is their condition? (124)
kbIr ckeI jau inis bICurY Awie imlY prBwiq
Kabeer, the chakvi duck is separated from her love through the night,
but in the morning, she meets him again.

jo nr ibCury rwm isau nw idn imly n rwiq  125 
Those who are separated from the Lord do not meet Him in the day,
or in the night. (125)

kbIr rYnwier ibCoirAw rhu ry sMK mJUir
Kabeer: O conch shell, remain in the ocean.
dyvl dyvl DwhVI dysih augvq sUr  126 
If you are separated from it, you shall scream at sunrise from temple to temple. (126)

kbIr sUqw ikAw krih jwgu roie BY duK
Kabeer, what are you doing sleeping? Wake up and cry in fear and pain.
jw kw bwsw gor mih so ikau sovY suK  127 
Those who live in the grave — how can they sleep in peace? (127)
kbIr sUqw ikAw krih auiT ik n jpih murwir
Kabeer, what are you doing sleeping?
Why not rise up and meditate on the Lord?

iek idn sovnu hoiego lWby gof pswir  128 
One day you shall sleep with your legs outstretched. (128)
kbIr sUqw ikAw krih bYTw rhu Aru jwgu
Kabeer, what are you doing sleeping? Wake up, and sit up.
jw ky sMg qy bICurw qw hI ky sMig lwgu  129 
Attach yourself to the One, from whom you have been separated. (129)
kbIr sMq kI gYl n CofIAY mwrig lwgw jwau
Kabeer, do not leave the Society of the Saints; walk upon this Path.
pyKq hI puMnIq hoie Bytq jpIAY nwau  130 
See them, and be sanctified; meet them, and chant the Name. (130)
kbIr swkq sMgu n kIjIAY dUrih jweIAY Bwig
Kabeer, you have not contemplated the Lord,
and now old age has overtaken you.

bwsnu kwro prsIAY qau kCu lwgY dwgu  131 
Now that the door of your mansion is on fire, what can you take out? (131)
kbIrw rwmu n cyiqE jrw phUMicE Awie
Kabeer, you have not contemplated the Lord,
and now old age has overtaken you.

lwgI mMdir duAwr qy Ab ikAw kwiFAw jwie  132 
Now that the door of your mansion is on fire, what can you take out? (132)

kbIr kwrnu so BieE jo kIno krqwir
Kabeer, the Creator does whatever He pleases.
iqsu ibnu dUsru ko nhI eykY isrjnhwru  133 
There is none other than Him; He alone is the Creator of all. (133)
kbIr Pl lwgy Plin pwkin lwgy AWb
Kabeer, the fruit trees are bearing fruit,
and the mangoes are becoming ripe.

jwie phUcih Ksm kau jau bIic n KwhI kWb  134 
They will reach the owner,
only if the crows do not eat them first. (134)

kbIr Twkuru pUjih moil ly mnhiT qIrQ jwih
Kabeer, some buy idols and worship them;
in their stubborn-mindedness,
they make pilgrimages to sacred shrines.

dyKw dyKI sWgu Dir BUly Btkw Kwih  135 
They look at one another, and wear religious robes,
but they are deluded and lost. (135)

kbIr pwhnu prmysuru kIAw pUjY sBu sMswru
Kabeer, someone sets up a stone idol
and all the world worships it as the Lord.

ies Brvwsy jo rhy bUfy kwlI Dwr  136 
Those who hold to this belief will be drowned
in the river of darkness. (136)

kbIr kwgd kI EbrI msu ky krm kpwt
Kabeer, the paper is the prison,
and the ink of rituals are the bars on the windows.

pwhn borI iprQmI pMifq pwVI bwt  137 
The stone idols have drowned the world, and the Pandits,
the religious scholars, have plundered it on the way. (137)

kbIr kwil krMqw Abih kru Ab krqw suie qwl
Kabeer, that which you have to do tomorrow — do it today instead;
and that which you have to do now — do it immediately!

pwCY kCU n hoiegw jau isr pir AwvY kwlu  138 
Later on, you will not be able to do anything,
when death hangs over your head. (138)

kbIr AYsw jMqu ieku dyiKAw jYsI DoeI lwK
Kabeer, I have seen a person,
who is as shiny as washed wax.

dIsY cMclu bhu gunw miq hInw nwpwk  139 
He seems very clever and very virtuous, but in reality,
he is without understanding, and corrupt. (139)

kbIr myrI buiD kau jmu n krY iqskwr
Kabeer, the Messenger of Death shall not compromise my understanding.
ijin iehu jmUAw isrijAw su jipAw privdgwr  140 
I have meditated on the Lord, the Cherisher,
who created this Messenger of Death. (140)

kbIru ksqUrI BieAw Bvr Bey sB dws
Kabeer, the Lord is like musk;
all His slaves are like bumble bees.

ijau ijau Bgiq kbIr kI iqau iqau rwm invws  141 
The more Kabeer worships Him,
the more the Lord abides within his mind. (141)

kbIr ghgic pirE kutMb kY kWTY rih gieE rwmu
Kabeer, the mortal has fallen into the grip of family life,
and the Lord has been set aside.

Awie pry Drm rwie ky bIcih DUmw Dwm  142 
The messengers of the Righteous Judge of Dharma descend upon the mortal, in the midst of all his pomp and ceremony. (142)

kbIr swkq qy sUkr Blw rwKY AwCw gwau
Kabeer, even a pig is better than the faithless cynic;
at least the pig keeps the village clean.

auhu swkqu bpurw mir gieAw koie n lYhY nwau  143 
When the wretched, faithless cynic dies,
no one even mentions his name. (143)

kbIr kaufI kaufI joir kY jory lwK kroir
Kabeer, the mortal gathers wealth, shell by shell,
accumulating thousands and millions.

clqI bwr n kCu imilE leI lgotI qoir  144 
But when the time of his departure comes,
he takes nothing at all with him.
He is even stripped of his loin-cloth. (144)

kbIr bYsno hUAw q ikAw BieAw mwlw mylIN cwir
Kabeer, what good is it to become a devotee of Vishnu,
and wear four malas?

bwhir kMcnu bwrhw BIqir BrI BMgwr  145 
On the outside, he may look like pure gold,
but on the inside, he is stuffed with dust. (145)

kbIr roVw hoie rhu bwt kw qij mn kw AiBmwnu
Kabeer, let yourself be a pebble on the path;
abandon your egotistical pride.

AYsw koeI dwsu hoie qwih imlY Bgvwnu  146 
Such a humble slave shall meet the Lord God. (146)
kbIr roVw hUAw q ikAw BieAw pMQI kau duKu dyie
Kabeer, what good would it be, to be a pebble?
It would only hurt the traveller on the path.

AYsw qyrw dwsu hY ijau DrnI mih Kyh  147 
Your slave, O Lord, is like the dust of the earth. (147)

kbIr Kyh hUeI qau ikAw BieAw jau auif lwgY AMg
Kabeer, what then, if one could become dust?
It is blown up by the wind, and sticks to the body.

hir jnu Aysw cwhIAY ijau pwnI srbMg  148 
The humble servant of the Lord should be like water,
which cleans everything. (148)

kbIr pwnI hUAw q ikAw BieAw sIrw qwqw hoie
Kabeer, what then, if one could become water?
It becomes cold, then hot.

hir jnu AYsw cwhIAY jYsw hir hI hoie  149 
The humble servant of the Lord should be just like the Lord. (149)
aUc Bvn knkwmnI isKir Djw Phrwie
The banners wave above the lofty mansions,
filled with gold and beautiful women.

qw qy BlI mDUkrI sMqsMig gun gwie  150 
But better than these is dry bread, if one sings
the Glorious Praises of the Lord in the Society of the Saints. (150)

kbIr pwtn qy aUjru Blw rwm Bgq ijh Twie
Kabeer, the wilderness is better than a city,
if the Lord’s devotees live there.

rwm snyhI bwhrw jm puru myry BWie  151 
Without my Beloved Lord,
it is like the City of Death for me. (151)

kbIr gMg jmun ky AMqry shj suMn ky Gwt
Kabeer, between the Ganges and Jamunaa Rivers,
on the shore of Celestial

qhw kbIrY mtu kIAw Kojq muin jn bwt  152 
Silence, there, Kabeer has made his home.
The silent sages and the humble servants of the Lord
search for the way to get there. (152)

kbIr jYsI aupjI pyf qy jau qYsI inbhY EiV
Kabeer, if the mortal continues to love the Lord in the end,
as he pledged in the beginning,

hIrw iks kw bwpurw pujih n rqn kroiV  153 
no poor diamond, not even millions of jewels, can equal him. (153)
kbIrw eyku AcMBau dyiKE hIrw hwt ibkwie
Kabeer, I saw a strange and wonderful thing.
A jewel was being sold in a store.

bnjnhwry bwhrw kaufI bdlY jwie  154 
Because there was no buyer, it was going in exchange for a shell. (154)
kbIrw jhw igAwnu qh Drmu hY jhw JUTu qh pwpu
Kabeer, where there is spiritual wisdom, there is righteousness and Dharma.
Where there is falsehood, there is sin.

jhw loBu qh kwlu hY jhw iKmw qh Awip  155 
Where there is greed, there is death.
Where there is forgiveness, there is God Himself. (155)

kbIr mwieAw qjI q ikAw BieAw
jau mwnu qijAw nhI jwie
Kabeer, what good is it to give up Maya,
if the mortal does not give up his pride?

mwn munI muinvr gly mwnu sBY kau Kwie  156 
Even the silent sages and seers are destroyed by pride;
pride eats up everything. (156)

kbIr swcw siqguru mY imilAw sbdu ju bwihAw eyku
Kabeer, the True Guru has met me;
He aimed the Arrow of the Shabad at me.

lwgq hI Buie imil gieAw pirAw klyjy Cyku  157 
As soon as it struck me,
I fell to the ground with a hole in my heart. (157)

kbIr swcw siqguru ikAw krY jau isKw mih cUk
Kabeer, what can the True Guru do,
when His Sikhs are at fault?

AMDy eyk n lwgeI ijau bWsu bjweIAY PUk  158 
The blind do not take in any of His Teachings;
it is as useless as blowing into bamboo. (158)

kbIr hY gY bwhn sGn Gn CqRpqI kI nwir
Kabeer, the wife of the king has all sorts of horses,
elephants and carriages.

qwsu ptMqr n pujY hir jn kI pinhwir  159 
But she is not equal to the water-carrier of the Lord’s humble servant. (159)
kbIr inRp nwrI ikau inMdIAY ikau hir cyrI kau mwnu
Kabeer, why do you slander the wife of the king?
Why do you honor the slave of the Lord?

Eh mWg svwrY ibKY kau Ehu ismrY hir nwmu  160 
Because one combs her hair for corruption,
while the other remembers the Name of the Lord. (160)

kbIr QUnI pweI iQiq BeI siqgur bMDI DIr
Kabeer, with the Support of the Lord’s Pillar,
I have become steady and stable.

kbIr hIrw bnijAw mwn srovr qIr  161 
The True Guru has given me courage. Kabeer,
I have purchased the diamond,
on the banks of the Mansarovar Lake. (161)

kbIr hir hIrw jn jauhrI ly kY mWfY hwt
Kabeer, the Lord is the Diamond,
and the Lord’s humble servant is the jeweller who has set up his shop.

jb hI pweIAih pwrKU qb hIrn kI swt  162 
As soon as an appraiser is found, the price of the jewel is set. (162)

kbIr kwm pry hir ismrIAY AYsw ismrhu inq
Kabeer, you remember the Lord in meditation,
only when the need arises.
You should remember Him all the time.

Amrw pur bwsw krhu hir gieAw bhorY ibq  163 
You shall dwell in the city of immortality,
and the Lord shall restore the wealth you lost. (163)

kbIr syvw kau duie Bly eyku sMqu ieku rwmu
Kabeer, it is good to perform selfless service for two —,
the Saints and the Lord.

rwmu ju dwqw mukiq ko sMqu jpwvY nwmu  164 
The Lord is the Giver of liberation,
and the Saint inspires us to chant the Naam. (164)

kbIr ijh mwrig pMifq gey pwCY prI bhIr
Kabeer, the crowds follow the path which the Pandits,
the religious scholars, have taken.

iek AvGt GwtI rwm kI iqh ciV rihE kbIr  165 
There is a difficult and treacherous cliff on that path to the Lord;
Kabeer is climbing that cliff. (165)

kbIr dunIAw ky doKy mUAw cwlq kul kI kwin
Kabeer, the mortal dies of his worldly troubles and pain,
after worrying about his family.
qb kulu iks kw lwjsI jb ly Drih mswin  166 
Whose family is dishonored, when he is placed on the funeral pyre? (166)
kbIr fUbihgo ry bwpury bhu logn kI kwin
Kabeer, you shall drown, you wretched being,
from worrying about what other people think.
pwrosI ky jo hUAw qU Apny BI jwnu  167 
You know that whatever happens to your neighbors,
will also happen to you. (167)

kbIr BlI mDUkrI nwnw ibiD ko nwju
Kabeer, even dry bread, made of various grains, is good.
dwvw kwhU ko nhI bfw dysu bf rwju  168 
No one brags about it,
throughout the vast country and great empire. (168)

kbIr dwvY dwJnu hoqu hY inrdwvY rhY insMk
Kabeer, those who brag, shall burn.
Those who do not brag remain carefree.

jo jnu inrdwvY rhY so gnY ieMdR so rMk  169 
That humble being who does not brag,
looks upon the gods and the poor alike. (169)
kbIr pwil smuhw srvru Brw pI n skY koeI nIru
Kabeer, the pool is filled to overflowing,
but no one can drink the water from it.
Bwg bfy qY pwieE qUM Bir Bir pIau kbIr  170 
By great good fortune, you have found it;
drink it in handfuls, O Kabeer. (170)
kbIr prBwqy qwry iKsih iqau iehu iKsY srIru
Kabeer, just as the stars disappear at dawn,
so shall this body disappear.

ey duie AKr nw iKsih so gih rihE kbIru  171 
Only the letters of God’s Name do not disappear;
Kabeer holds these tight. (171)

kbIr koTI kwT kI dh idis lwgI Awig
Kabeer, the wooden house is burning on all sides.
pMifq pMifq jil mUey mUrK aubry Bwig  172 
The Pandits, the religious scholars,
have been burnt to death,
while the illiterate ones run to safety. (172)

kbIr sMsw dUir kru kwgd dyh ibhwie
Kabeer, give up your skepticism;
let your papers float away.

bwvn Akr soiD kY hir crnI icqu lwie  173 
Find the essence of the letters of the alphabet,
and focus your consciousness on the Lord. (173)

kbIr sMqu n CwfY sMqeI jau koitk imlih AsMq
Kabeer, the Saint does not forsake his Saintly nature,
even though he meets with millions of evil-doers.

milAwgru BuXMgm byiFE q sIqlqw n qjMq  174 
Even when sandalwood is surrounded by snakes,
it does not give up its cooling fragrance. (174)

kbIr mnu sIqlu BieAw pwieAw bRhm igAwnu
Kabeer, my mind is cooled and soothed;
I have become God-conscious.

ijin juAwlw jgu jwirAw su jn ky audk smwin  175 
The fire which has burnt the world
is like water to the Lord’s humble servant. (175)

kbIr swrI isrjnhwr kI jwnY nwhI koie
Kabeer, no one knows the Play of the Creator Lord.
kY jwnY Awpn DnI kY dwsu dIvwnI hoie  176 
Only the Lord Himself and the slaves at His Court
understand it. (176)

kbIr BlI BeI jo Bau pirAw idsw geˆI sB BUil
Kabeer, it is good that I feel the Fear of God;
I have forgotten everything else.

Erw gir pwnI BieAw jwie imilE Fil kUil  177 
The hail-stone has melted into water,
and flowed into the ocean. (177)

kbIrw Duir skyil kY purIAw bWDI dyh
Kabeer, the body is a pile of dust,
collected and packed together.

idvs cwir ko pyKnw AMiq Kyh kI Kyh  178 
It is a show which lasts for only a few days,
and then dust returns to dust. (178)

kbIr sUrj cWd kY audY BeI sB dyh
Kabeer, bodies are like the rising and setting
of the sun and the moon.

gur goibMd ky ibnu imly plit BeI sB Kyh  179 
Without meeting the Guru, the Lord of the Universe,
they are all reduced to dust again. (179)

jh AnBau qh BY nhI jh Bau qh hir nwih
Where the Fearless Lord is, there is no fear;
where there is fear, the Lord is not there.

kihE kbIr ibcwir kY sMq sunhu mn mwih  180 
Kabeer speaks after careful consideration; hear this,
O Saints, in your minds. (180)

kbIr ijnhu ikCU jwinAw nhI iqn suK nId ibhwie
Kabeer, those who do not know anything,
pass their lives in peaceful sleep.

hmhu ju bUJw bUJnw pUrI prI blwie  181 
But I have understood the riddle;
I am faced with all sorts of troubles. (181)

kbIr mwry bhuqu pukwirAw pIr pukwrY Aaur
Kabeer, those who are beaten cry a lot;
but the cries of the pain of separation are different.

lwgI cot mrMm kI rihE kbIrw Taur  182 
Struck by the Mystery of God,
Kabeer remains silent. (182)

kbIr cot suhylI syl kI lwgq lyie ausws
Kabeer, the stroke of a lance is easy to bear; it takes away the breath.
cot shwrY sbd kI qwsu gurU mY dws  183 
But one who endures the stroke of the Word of the Shabad is the Guru,
and I am his slave. (183)

kbIr mulW munwry ikAw cFih sWeI n bhrw hoie
Kabeer: O Mullah, why do you climb to the top of the minaret?
The Lord is not hard of hearing.

jw kwrin qUM bWg dyih idl hI BIqir joie  184 
Look within your own heart for the One,
for whose sake you shout your prayers. (184)

syK sbUrI bwhrw ikAw hj kwby jwie
Why does the Shaykh bother to go on pilgrimage to Mecca,
if he is not content with himself?

kbIr jw kI idl swbiq nhI qw kau khW Kudwie  185 
Kabeer, one whose heart is not healthy and whole —,
how can he attain his Lord? (185)

kbIr Alh kI kir bMdgI ijh ismrq duKu jwie
Kabeer, worship the Lord Allah;
meditating in remembrance on Him,
troubles and pains depart.

idl mih sWeI prgtY buJY blqI nWie  186 
The Lord shall be revealed within your own heart,
and the burning fire within shall be extinguished by His Name. (186)

kbIr jorI kIey julmu hY khqw nwau hlwlu
Kabeer, to use force is tyranny,
even if you call it legal.

dPqir lyKw mWgIAY qb hoiego kaunu hvwlu  187 
When your account is called for in the Court of the Lord,
what will your condition be then? (187)

kbIr KUbu Kwnw KIcrI jw mih AMimRqu lonu
Kabeer, the dinner of beans and rice is excellent,
if it is flavored with salt.

hyrw rotI kwrny glw ktwvY kaunu  188 
Who would cut his throat, to have meat with his bread? (188)
kbIr guru lwgw qb jwnIAY imtY mohu qn qwp
Kabeer, one is known to have been touched by the Guru,
only when his emotional attachment and physical illnesses are eradicated.

hrK sog dwJY nhI qb hir Awpih Awp  189 
He is not burned by pleasure or pain,
and so he becomes the Lord Himself. (189)

kbIr rwm khn mih Bydu hY qw mih eyku ibcwru
Kabeer, it does make a difference,
how you chant the Lord’s Name, ‘Raam’.
This is something to consider.

soeI rwmu sBY khih soeI kauqkhwr  190 
Everyone uses the same word for the son of Dasrath
and the Wondrous Lord. (190)

kbIr rwmY rwm khu kihby mwih ibbyk
Kabeer, use the word ‘Raam’,
only to speak of the All-pervading Lord.
You must make that distinction.

eyku Anykih imil gieAw eyk smwnw eyk  191 
One ‘Raam’ is pervading everywhere,
while the other is contained only in himself. (191)

kbIr jw Gr swD n syvIAih hir kI syvw nwih
Kabeer, those houses in which neither the Holy
nor the Lord are served —,

qy Gr mrht swrKy BUq bsih iqn mwih  192 
those houses are like cremation grounds; demons dwell within them. (192)

kbIr gUMgw hUAw bwvrw bhrw hUAw kwn
Kabeer, I have become mute, insane and deaf. I am crippled —,
pwvhu qy ipMgul BieAw mwirAw siqgur bwn  193 
the True Guru has pierced me with His Arrow. (193)
kbIr siqgur sUrmy bwihAw bwnu ju eyku
Kabeer, the True Guru, the Spiritual Warrior,
has shot me with His Arrow.

lwgq hI Buie igir pirAw prw kryjy Cyku  194 
As soon as it struck me, I fell to the ground,
with a hole in my heart. (194)

kbIr inrml bUMd Akws kI pir geI Buim ibkwr
Kabeer, the pure drop of water falls from the sky,
onto the dirty ground.

ibnu sMgiq ieau mWneI hoie geI BT Cwr  195 
You must acknowledge this, that without the Sangat,
the Holy Congregation, it turns into burnt ashes. (195)

kbIr inrml bUMd Akws kI lInI BUim imlwie
Kabeer, the pure drop of water falls from the sky,
and mixes with the dust.

Aink isAwny pic gey nw inrvwrI jwie  196 
Millions of clever people may try, but they will fail —‘
it cannot be made separate again. (196)

kbIr hj kwby hau jwie Qw AwgY imilAw Kudwie
Kabeer, I was going on a pilgrimage to Mecca,
and God met me on the way.

sWeI muJ isau lir pirAw
quJY ikin@ PurmweI gwie  197 
He scolded me and asked,
"Who told you that I am only there?" (197)

kbIr hj kwbY hoie hoie gieAw kyqI bwr kbIr
Kabeer, I went to Mecca — how many times, Kabeer?
sWeI muJ mih ikAw Kqw muKhu n bolY pIr  198 
O Lord, what is the problem with me?
You have not spoken to me with Your Mouth. (198)
kbIr jIA ju mwrih joru kir khqy hih ju hlwlu
Kabeer, they oppress living beings and kill them, and call it proper.
dPqru deI jb kwiF hY hoiegw kaunu hvwlu  199 
When the Lord calls for their account, what will their condition be? (199)
kbIr joru kIAw so julmu hY lyie jbwbu Kudwie
Kabeer, it is tyranny to use force; the Lord shall call you to account.
dPqir lyKw nIksY mwr muhY muih Kwie  200 
When your account is called for,
your face and mouth shall be beaten. (200)

kbIr lyKw dynw suhylw jau idl sUcI hoie
Kabeer, it is easy to render your account, if your heart is pure.
ausu swcy dIbwn mih plw n pkrY koie  201 
In the True Court of the Lord, no one will seize you. (201)
kbIr DrqI Aru Awkws mih duie qUM brI AbD
Kabeer: O duality, you are mighty and powerful in the earth and the sky.
Kt drsn sMsy pry Aru caurwsIh isD  202 
The six Shaastras and the eighty-four Siddhas
are entrenched in skepticism. (202)

kbIr myrw muJ mih ikCu nhI jo ikCu hY so qyrw
Kabeer, nothing is mine within myself.
Whatever there is, is Yours, O Lord.

qyrw quJ kau saupqy ikAw lwgY myrw  203 
If I surrender to You what is already Yours, what does it cost me? (203)

kbIr qUM qUM krqw qU hUAw muJ mih rhw n hUM
Kabeer, repeating, "You, You", I have become like You.
Nothing of me remains in myself.

jb Awpw pr kw imit gieAw jq dyKau qq qU  204 
When the difference between myself and others is removed,
then wherever I look, I see only You. (204)

kbIr ibkwrh icqvqy JUTy krqy Aws
Kabeer, those who think of evil and entertain false hopes —,
mnorQu koie n pUirE cwly aUiT inrws  205 
none of their desires shall be fulfilled;
they shall depart in despair. (205)

kbIr hir kw ismrnu jo krY so suKIAw sMswir
Kabeer, whoever meditates in remembrance on the Lord,
he alone is happy in this world.

ieq auq kqih n foleI ijs rwKY isrjnhwr  206 
One who is protected and saved by the Creator Lord,
shall never waver, here or hereafter. (206)

kbIr GwxI pIVqy siqgur lIey Cfwie
Kabeer, I was being crushed like sesame seeds in the oil-press,
but the True Guru saved me.

prw pUrblI BwvnI prgtu hoeI Awie  207 
My pre-ordained primal destiny has now been revealed. (207)
kbIr twlY tolY idnu gieAw ibAwju bFMqau jwie
Kabeer, my days have passed,
and I have postponed my payments;
the interest on my account continues to increase.

nw hir BijE n Kqu PitE kwlu phUMco Awie  208 
I have not meditated on the Lord and my account is still pending,
and now, the moment of my death has come! (208)

mhlw 5 kbIr kUkru Bauknw krMg ipCY auiT Dwie
Guru Arjan Dev: Kabeer, the mortal is a barking dog,
chasing after a carcass.

krmI siqguru pwieAw ijin hau lIAw Cfwie  209 
By the Grace of good karma,
I have found the True Guru, who has saved me. (209)

mhlw 5 kbIr DrqI swD kI qskr bYsih gwih
Guru Arjan Dev: Kabeer, the earth belongs to the Holy,
but it is being occupied by thieves.

DrqI Bwir n ibAwpeI aun kau lwhU lwih  210 
They are not a burden to the earth; they receive its blessings. (210)
mhlw 5 kbIr cwvl kwrny quK kau muhlI lwie
Guru Arjan Dev: Kabeer, the rice is beaten with a mallet
to get rid of the husk.

sMig kusMgI bYsqy qb pUCY Drm rwie  211 
When people sit in evil company,
the Righteous Judge of Dharma calls them to account. (211)

nwmw mwieAw moihAw khY iqlocnu mIq
Trilochan says,
O Naam Dayv, Maya has enticed you, my friend.

kwhy CIphu CwielY rwm n lwvhu cIqu  212 
Why are you printing designs on these sheets,
and not focusing your consciousness on the Lord? (212)

nwmw khY iqlocnw muK qy rwmu sMm@wil
Naam Dayv answers,
O Trilochan, chant the Lord’s Name with your mouth.

hwQ pwau kir kwmu sBu cIqu inrMjnu nwil  213 
With your hands and feet, do all your work,
but let your consciousness remain with the Immaculate Lord. (213)

mhlw 5 kbIrw hmrw ko nhI hm iks hU ky nwih
Guru Arjan Dev: Kabeer, no one belongs to me, and I belong to no one else.
ijin iehu rcnu rcwieAw iqs hI mwih smwih  214 
The One who created the creation — into Him I shall be absorbed. (214)
kbIr kIciV Awtw igir pirAw ikCU n AwieE hwQ
Kabeer, the flour has fallen into the mud; nothing has come into my hands.
pIsq pIsq cwibAw soeI inbihAw swQ  215 
That which was eaten while it was being ground —,
that alone is of any use. (215)

kbIr mnu jwnY sB bwq jwnq hI Aaugnu krY
Kabeer, the mortal knows everything, and knowing, he still makes mistakes.
kwhy kI kuslwq hwiQ dIpu kUey prY  216 
What good is a lamp in one’s hand, if he falls into the well? (216)
kbIr lwgI pRIiq sujwn isau brjY logu Ajwnu
Kabeer, I am in love with the All-knowing Lord;
the ignorant ones try to hold me back.

qw isau tUtI ikau bnY jw ky jIA prwn  217 
How could I ever break with the One,
who owns our soul and breath of life. (217)

kbIr koTy mMfp hyqu kir kwhy mrhu svwir
Kabeer, why kill yourself for your love of decorations
of your home and mansion?

kwrju swFy qIin hQ GnI q pauny cwir  218 
In the end, only six feet, or a little more, shall be your lot. (218)
kbIr jo mY icqvau nw krY ikAw myry icqvy hoie
Kabeer, whatever I wish for does not happen.
What can I accomplish by merely thinking?

Apnw icqivAw hir krY jo myry iciq n hoie  219 
The Lord does whatever He wishes; it is not up to me at all. (219)

m 3 icMqw BI Awip krwiesI AicMqu iB Awpy dyie
Guru Amar Das: God Himself makes the mortals anxious,
and He Himself takes the anxiety away.

nwnk so swlwhIAY ij sBnw swr kryie  220 
O Nanak, praise the One, who takes care of all. (220)
m 5 kbIr rwmu n cyiqE iPirAw lwlc mwih
Guru Arjan: Kabeer, the mortal does not remember the Lord;
he wanders around, engrossed in greed.

pwp krMqw mir gieAw AauD punI iKn mwih  221 
Committing sins, he dies, and his life ends in an instant. (221)
kbIr kwieAw kwcI kwrvI kyvl kwcI Dwqu
Kabeer, the body is like a clay vessel or a brittle metal pot.
swbqu rKih q rwm Bju nwih q ibnTI bwq  222 
If you wish to keep it safe and sound, then vibrate and meditate on the Lord;
otherwise, the thing shall break. (222)

kbIr kyso kyso kUkIAY n soeIAY Aswr
Kabeer, chant the Name of the Beautifully-haired Lord; do not sleep unaware.
rwiq idvs ky kUkny kbhU ky sunY pukwr  223 
Chanting His Name night and day,
the Lord will eventually hear your call. (223)

kbIr kwieAw kjlI bnu BieAw mnu kuMcru mX mMqu
Kabeer, the body is a banana forest, and the mind is an intoxicated elephant.
AMksu gwnu rqnu hY Kyvtu ibrlw sMqu  224 
The jewel of spiritual wisdom is the prod, and the rare Saint is the rider. (224)
kbIr rwm rqnu muKu koQrI pwrK AwgY Koil
Kabeer, the Lord’s Name is the jewel, and the mouth is the purse;
open this purse to the Appraiser.

koeI Awie imlYgo gwhkI lygo mhgy moil  225 
If a buyer can be found, it will go for a high price. (225)

kbIr rwm nwmu jwinE nhI pwilE ktku kutMbu
Kabeer, the mortal does not know the Lord’s Name,
but he has raised a very large family.

DMDy hI mih mir gieE bwhir BeI n bMb  226 
He dies in the midst of his worldly affairs,
and then he is not heard in the external world. (226)

kbIr AwKI kyry mwtuky plu plu geI ibhwie
Kabeer, in the blink of an eye,
moment by moment, life is passing by.

mnu jMjwlu n CofeI jm dIAw dmwmw Awie  227 
The mortal does not give up his worldly entanglements;
the Messenger of Death walks in and beats the drum. (227)

kbIr qrvr rUpI rwmu hY Pl rUpI bYrwgu
Kabeer, the Lord is the tree,
and disillusionment with the world is the fruit.

CwieAw rUpI swDu hY ijin qijAw bwdu ibbwdu  228 
The Holy man, who has abandoned useless arguments,
is the shade of the tree. (228)

kbIr Aysw bIju boie bwrh mws Plq
Kabeer, plant the seeds of such a plant,
which shall bear fruit throughout the twelve months,

sIql CwieAw gihr Pl pMKI kyl krMq  229 
with cooling shade and abundant fruit,
upon which birds joyously play. (229)

kbIr dwqw qrvru dXw Plu aupkwrI jIvMq
Kabeer, the Great Giver is the tree,
which blesses all with the fruit of compassion.

pMKI cly idswvrI ibrKw suPl Plq  230 
When the birds migrate to other lands,
O Tree, you bear the fruits. (230)

kbIr swD sMgu prwpqI iliKAw hoie illwt
Kabeer, the mortal finds the Saadh Sangat,
the Company of the Holy,
if he has such destiny written upon his forehead.

mukiq pdwrQu pweIAY Twk n AvGt Gwt  231 
He obtains the treasure of liberation,
and the difficult road to the Lord is not blocked. (231)

kbIr eyk GVI AwDI GrI AwDI hUM qy AwD
Kabeer, whether is is for an hour,
half an hour, or half of that,

Bgqn syqI gosty jo kIny so lwB  232 
whatever it is, it is worthwhile to speak with the Holy. (232)
kbIr BWg mwCulI surw pwin jo jo pRwnI KWih
Kabeer, those mortals who consume
marijuana, fish and wine —,
qIrQ brq nym kIey qy sBY rswqil jWih  233 
no matter what pilgrimages,
fasts and rituals they follow,
they will all go to hell. (233)

nIcy loien kir rhau ly swjn Gt mwih
Kabeer, I keep my eyes lowered,
and enshrine my Friend within my heart.

sB rs Kylau pIA sau iksI lKwvau nwih  234 
I enjoy all pleasures with my Beloved,
but I do not let anyone else know. (234)

AwT jwm causiT GrI quA inrKq rhY jIau
Twenty-four hours a day, every hour,
my soul continues to look to You, O Lord.

nIcy loien ikau krau sB Gt dyKau pIau  235 
Why should I keep my eyes lowered? I see my Beloved in every heart. (235)

sunu sKI pIA mih jIau bsY jIA mih bsY ik pIau
Listen, O my companions: my soul dwells in my Beloved,
and my Beloved dwells in my soul.

jIau pIau bUJau nhI Gt mih jIau ik pIau  236 
I realize that there is no difference
between my soul and my Beloved;
I cannot tell whether my soul or my Beloved dwells in my heart. (236)

kbIr bwmnu gurU hY jgq kw Bgqn kw guru nwih
Kabeer, the Brahmin may be the guru of the world,
but he is not the Guru of the devotees.

AriJ auriJ kY pic mUAw cwrau bydhu mwih  237 
He rots and dies in the perplexities of the four Vedas. (237)
hir hY KWfu ryqu mih ibKrI hwQI cunI n jwie
The Lord is like sugar, scattered in the sand;
the elephant cannot pick it up.

kih kbIr guir BlI buJweI kItI hoie kY Kwie  238 
Says Kabeer, the Guru has given me this sublime understanding:
become an ant, and feed on it. (238)

kbIr jau quih swD iprMm kI sIsu kwit kir goie
Kabeer, if you desire to play the game of love with the Lord,
then cut off your head, and make it into a ball.

Kylq Kylq hwl kir jo ikCu hoie q hoie  239 
Lose yourself in the play of it,
and then whatever will be, will be. (239)

kbIr jau quih swD iprMm kI pwky syqI Kylu
Kabeer, if you desire to play the game of love with the Lord,
play it with someone with committment.

kwcI srsauN pyil kY nw Kil BeI n qylu  240 
Pressing the unripe mustard seeds produces neither oil nor flour. (240)

FUMFq folih AMD giq Aru cInq nwhI sMq
Searching, the mortal stumbles like a blind person,
and does not recognize the Saint.
kih nwmw ikau pweIAY ibnu Bgqhu BgvMqu  241 
Says Naam Dayv,
how can one obtain the Lord God,
without His devotee? (241)
hir so hIrw Cwif kY krih Awn kI Aws
Forsaking the Diamond of the Lord,
the mortals put their hopes in another.
qy nr dojk jwihgy siq BwKY rivdws  242 
Those people shall go to hell;
Ravi Daas speaks the Truth. (242)
kbIr jau igRhu krih q Drmu kru nwhI q kru bYrwgu
Kabeer, if you live the householder’s life,
then practice righteousness;
otherwise, you might as well retire from the world.
bYrwgI bMDnu krY qw ko bfo ABwgu  243 
If someone renounces the world,
and then gets involved in worldly entanglements,
he shall suffer terrible misfortune. (243)