slok syK PrId jI ky ]
Shlokas of Shaykh Fareed Jee

 < siqgur pRswid ]
One Universal Creator God.
By the Grace of the True Guru.


ijqu idhwVY Dn vrI swhy ley ilKwie ]
The day of the bride’s wedding is pre-ordained.
mlku ij kMnI suxIdw muhu dyKwly Awie ]
On that day, the Messenger of Death,
of whom she had only heard, comes and shows its face.

ijMdu inmwxI kFIAY hfw kU kVkwie ]
It breaks the bones of the body and pulls the helpless soul out.
swhy ilKy n clnI ijMdU kUM smJwie ]
That pre-ordained time of marriage cannot be avoided.
Explain this to your soul.

ijMdu vhutI mrxu vru lY jwsI prxwie ]
The soul is the bride, and death is the groom.
He will marry her and take her away.

Awpx hQI joil kY kY gil lgY Dwie ]
After the body sends her away with its own hands,
whose neck will it embrace?

vwlhu inkI purslwq kMnI n suxI Awie ]
The bridge to hell is narrower than a hair;
haven’t you heard of it with your ears?

PrIdw ikVI pvMdIeI KVw n Awpu muhwie ] 1 ]
Fareed, the call has come; be careful now —,
don’t let yourself be robbed. (1) 

PrIdw dr drvysI gwKVI clW dunIAW Biq ]
Fareed, it is so difficult to become a humble Saint at the Lord’s Door.
I am so accustomed to walking in the ways of the world.
bMin@ auTweI potlI ikQY vM\w Giq ] 2 ]
I have tied and picked up the bundle; where can I go to throw it away? (2)
ikJu n buJY ikJu n suJY dunIAw guJI Bwih ]
I know nothing; I understand nothing. The world is a smouldering fire.
sWeIN myrY cMgw kIqw nwhI q hM BI dJW Awih ] 3 ]
My Lord did well to warn me about it; otherwise,
I would have been burnt as well. (3)
PrIdw jy jwxw iql QoVVy sMmil buku BrI ]
Fareed, if I had known that I had so few sesame seeds,
I would have been more careful with them in my hands.
jy jwxw shu nFVw qW QoVw mwxu krI ] 4 ]
If I had known that my Husband Lord was so young and innocent,
I would not have been so arrogant. (4)
jy jwxw lVu iCjxw pIfI pweIN gMiF ]
If I had known that my robe would come loose,
I would have tied a tighter knot.
qY jyvfu mY nwih ko sBu jgu ifTw hMiF ] 5 ]
I have found none as great as You, Lord;
I have looked and searched throughout the world. (5)
PrIdw jy qU Akil lqIPu kwly ilKu n lyK ]
Fareed, if you have a keen understanding,
then do not write black marks against anyone else.
AwpnVy igrIvwn mih isru nˆIvW kir dyKu ] 6 ]
Look underneath your own collar instead. (6)  

PrIdw jo qY mwrin mukIAW iqn@w n mwry GuMim ]
Fareed, do not turn around and strike those who strike you with their fists.
AwpnVY Gir jweIAY pYr iqn@w dy cuMim ] 7 ]
Kiss their feet, and return to your own home. (7)
PrIdw jW qau Ktx vyl qW qU rqw dUnI isau ]
Fareed, when there was time for you to earn good karma,
you were in love with the world instead.
mrg svweI nIih jW BirAw qW lidAw ] 8 ]
Now, death has a strong foothold; when the load is full, it is taken away. (8)
dyKu PrIdw ju QIAw dwVI hoeI BUr ]
See, Fareed, what has happened: your beard has become grey.
Aghu nyVw AwieAw ipCw rihAw dUir ] 9 ]
That which is coming is near, and the past is left far behind. (9)
dyKu PrIdw ij QIAw skr hoeI ivsu ]
See, Fareed, what has happened: sugar has become poison.
sWeI bwJhu Awpxy vydx khIAY iksu ] 10 ]
Without my Lord, who can I tell of my sorrow? (10)
PrIdw AKI dyiK pqIxIAW suix suix rIxy kMn ]
Fareed, my eyes have become weak,
and my ears have become hard of hearing.
swK pkMdI AweIAw hor kryNdI vMn ] 11 ]
The body’s crop has become ripe and turned color. (11)
PrIdw kwlˆI ijnI n rwivAw DaulI rwvY koie ]
Fareed, those who did not enjoy their Spouse when their hair was black — hardly any of them enjoy Him when their hair turns grey.
kir sWeI isau iprhVI rMgu nvylw hoie ] 12 ]
So be in love with the Lord, so that your color may ever be new. (12)

 m 3 ] PrIdw kwlI DaulI swihbu sdw hY jy ko iciq kry ]
Guru Amar Das: Fareed, whether one’s hair is black or grey,
our Lord and Master is always here if one remembers Him.

Awpxw lwieAw iprmu n lgeI jy locY sBu koie ]
This loving devotion to the Lord does not come by one’s own efforts,
even though all may long for it.

eyhu iprmu ipAwlw Ksm kw jY BwvY qY dyie ] 13 ]
This cup of loving devotion belongs to our Lord and Master;
He gives it to whomever He likes. (13)

PrIdw ijn@ loiex jgu moihAw sy loiex mY ifTu ]
Fareed, those eyes which have enticed the world —,
I have seen those eyes.

kjl ryK n shidAw sy pMKI sUie bihTu ] 14 ]
Once, they could not endure even a bit of mascara;
now, the birds hatch their young in them! (14)

PrIdw kUkyidAw cWgyidAw mqI dyidAw inq ]
Fareed, they shouted and yelled,
and constantly gave good advice.

jo sYqwin vM\wieAw sy ikq Pyrih icq ] 15 ]
But those whom the devil has spoiled —,
how can they turn their consciousness towards God? (15)

PrIdw QIau pvwhI dBu ] jy sWeI loVih sBu ]
Fareed, become the grass on the path,
if you long for the Lord of all.

ieku iCjih ibAw lqwVIAih ]
One will cut you down, and another will trample you underfoot;
qW sweI dY dir vwVIAih ] 16 ]
then, you shall enter the Court of the Lord. (16)

 PrIdw Kwku n inMdIAY KwkU jyfu n koie ]
Fareed, do not slander the dust; noting is as great as dust.
jIvidAw pYrw qlY muieAw aupir hoie ] 17 ]
When we are alive, it is under our feet,
and when we are dead, it is above us. (17)

PrIdw jw lbu qw nyhu ikAw lbu q kUVw nyhu ]
Fareed, when there is greed, what love can there be?
When there is greed, love is false.

ikcru Jiq lGweIAY Cpir qutY myhu ] 18 ]
How long can one remain in a thatched hut which leaks when it rains? (18)
PrIdw jMglu jMglu ikAw Bvih vix kMfw moVyih ]
Fareed, why do you wander from jungle to jungle,
crashing through the thorny trees?

vsI rbu ihAwlIAY jMglu ikAw FUFyih ] 19 ]
The Lord abides in the heart; why are you looking for Him in the jungle? (19)
PrIdw ienI inkI jMGIAY Ql fUMgr BivEim@ ]
Fareed, with these small legs, I crossed deserts and mountains.
Aju PrIdY kUjVw sY kohW QIEim ] 20 ]
But today, Fareed, my water jug seems hundreds of miles away. (20)
PrIdw rwqI vfIAW DuiK DuiK auTin pws ]
Fareed, the nights are long, and my sides are aching in pain..
iDgu iqn@w dw jIivAw ijnw ivfwxI Aws ] 21 ]
Cursed are the lives of those who place their hopes in others. (21)
PrIdw jy mY hodw vwirAw imqw AwieiVAW ]
Fareed, if I had been there when my friend came,
I would have made myself a sacrifice to him.

hyVw jlY mjIT ijau aupir AMgwrw ] 22 ]
Now my flesh is burning red on the hot coals. (22)  

PrIdw loVY dwK ibjaurIAW ikkir bIjY jtu ]
Fareed, the farmer plants acacia trees, and wishes for grapes.
hMFY auNn kqwiedw pYDw loVY ptu ] 23 ]
He is spinning wool, but he wishes to wear silk. (23)
PrIdw glIey ickVu dUir Gru nwil ipAwry nyhu ]
Fareed, the path is muddy, and the house of my Beloved is so far away.
clw q iBjY kMblI rhW q qutY nyhu ] 24 ]
If I go out, my blanket will get soaked,
but if I remain at home, then my heart will be broken. (24)
iBjau isjau kMblI Alh vrsau myhu ]
My blanket is soaked, drenched with the downpour of the Lord’s Rain.
jwie imlw iqnw sjxw qutau nwhI nyhu ] 25 ]
I am going out to meet my Friend,
so that my heart will not be broken. (25)|
PrIdw mY Bolwvw pg dw mqu mYlI hoie jwie ]
Fareed, I was worried that my turban might become dirty.
gihlw rUhu n jwxeI isru BI imtI Kwie ] 26 ]
My thoughtless self did not realize that one day,
dust will consume my head as well. (26)
PrIdw skr KMfu invwq guVu mwiKEu mWJw duDu ]
Fareed: sugar cane, candy, sugar, molasses, honey and buffalo’s milk —,
sBy vsqU imTIAW rb n pujin quDu ] 27 ]
all these things are sweet, but they are not equal to You. (27)
PrIdw rotI myrI kwT kI lwvxu myrI BuK ]
Fareed, my bread is made of wood, and hunger is my appetizer.
ijnw KwDI copVI Gxy shingy duK ] 28 ]
Those who eat buttered bread, will suffer in terrible pain. (28)

ruKI suKI Kwie kY TMFw pwxI pIau ]
Eat dry bread, and drink cold water. Fareed,
PrIdw dyiK prweI copVI nw qrswey jIau ] 29 ]
if you see someone else’s buttered bread, do not envy him for it. (29)
Aju n suqI kMq isau AMgu muVy muiV jwie ]
This night, I did not sleep with my Husband Lord,
and now my body is suffering in pain.
jwie puChu fohwgxI qum ikau rYix ivhwie ] 30 ]
Go and ask the deserted bride, how she passes her night. (30)
swhurY FoeI nw lhY pyeIAY nwhI Qwau ]
She finds no place of rest in her father-in-law’s home,
and no place in her parents’ home either.

ipru vwqVI n puCeI Dn sohwgix nwau ] 31 ]
Her Husband Lord does not care for her;
what sort of a blessed, happy soul-bride is she? (31)

swhurY pyeIAY kMq kI kMqu AgMmu AQwhu ]
In her father-in-law’s home hereafter, and in her parents’ home in this world, she belongs to her Husband Lord.
nwnk so sohwgxI ju BwvY byprvwh ] 32 ]
Her Husband is Inaccessible and Unfathomable.
O Nanak, she is the happy soul-bride,
who is pleasing to her Carefree Lord. (32)

nwqI DoqI sMbhI suqI Awie nicMdu ]
Bathing, washing and decorating herself,
she comes and sleeps without anxiety.

PrIdw rhI su byVI ihM|u dI geI kQUrI gMDu ] 33 ]
Fareed, she still smells like asafoetida; the fragrance of musk is gone. (33)

 jobn jWdy nw frW jy sh pRIiq n jwie ]
I am not afraid of losing my youth,
as long as I do not lose the Love of my Husband Lord.

PrIdw ikqˆI jobn pRIiq ibnu suik gey kumlwie ] 34 ]
Fareed, so many youths, without His Love,
have dried up and withered away. (34)

PrIdw icMq Ktolw vwxu duKu ibrh ivCwvx lyPu ]
Fareed, anxiety is my bed, pain is my mattress,
and the pain of separation is my blanket and quilt.

eyhu hmwrw jIvxw qU swihb scy vyKu ] 35 ]
Behold, this is my life, O my True Lord and Master. (35)
ibrhw ibrhw AwKIAY ibrhw qU sulqwnu ]
Many talk of the pain and suffering of separation;
O pain, you are the ruler of all.

PrIdw ijqu qin ibrhu n aUpjY so qnu jwxu mswn ] 36 ]
Fareed, that body, within which love of the Lord does not well up — ,
look upon that body as a cremation ground. (36)

PrIdw ey ivsu gMdlw DrIAW KMfu ilvwiV ]
Fareed, these are poisonous sprouts coated with sugar
ieik rwhydy rih gey ieik rwDI gey aujwiV ] 37 ]
Some die planting them, and some are ruined,
harvesting and enjoying them. (37)

PrIdw cwir gvwieAw hMiF kY cwir gvwieAw sMim ]
Fareed, the hours of the day are lost wandering around,
and the hours of the night are lost in sleep.

lyKw rbu mMgysIAw qU AWho kyrHy kMim ] 38 ]
God will call for your account,
and ask you why you came into this world. (38)  

 PrIdw dir drvwjY jwie kY ikau ifTo GVIAwlu ]
Fareed, you have gone to the Lord’s Door. Have you seen the gong there?
eyhu indosW mwrIAY hm dosW dw ikAw hwlu ] 39 ]
This blameless object is being beaten — ,
imagine what is in store for us sinners! (39)

GVIey GVIey mwrIAY phrI lhY sjwie ]
Each and every hour, it is beaten; it is punished every day.
so hyVw GVIAwl ijau fuKI rYix ivhwie ] 40 ]
This beautiful body is like the gong; it passes the night in pain. (40)
buFw hoAw syK PrIdu kMbix lgI dyh ]
Shaykh Fareed has grown old, and his body has begun to tremble.
jy sau vir@Aw jIvxw BI qnu hosI Kyh ] 41 ]
Even if he could live for hundreds of years,
his body will eventually turn to dust. (41)

PrIdw bwir prwieAY bYsxw sWeI muJY n dyih ]
Fareed begs, O Lord, do not make me sit at another’s door.
jy qU eyvY rKsI jIau srIrhu lyih ] 42 ]
If this is the way you are going to keep me,
then go ahead and take the life out of my body. (42)

kMiD kuhwVw isir GVw vix kY sru lohwru ]
With the axe on his shoulder, and a bucket on his head,
the blacksmith is ready to cut down the tree.

PrIdw hau loVI shu Awpxw qU loVih AMigAwr ] 43 ]
Fareed, I long for my Lord; you long only for the charcoal. (43)
PrIdw ieknw Awtw Aglw ieknw nwhI loxu ]
Fareed, some have lots of flour, while others do not even have salt.
AgY gey isM\wpsin cotW KwsI kauxu ] 44 ]
When they go beyond this world, it shall be seen, who will be punished. (44)

pwis dmwmy Cqu isir ByrI sfo rf ]
Drums were beaten in their honor, there were canopies above their heads,
and bugles announced their coming.

jwie suqy jIrwx mih QIey AqImw gf ] 45 ]
They have gone to sleep in the cemetary, buried like poor orphans. (45)
PrIdw koTy mMfp mwVIAw auswrydy BI gey ]
Fareed, those who built houses,
mansions and lofty buildings, are also gone.

kUVw saudw kir gey gorI Awie pey ] 46 ]
They made false deals, and were dropped into their graves. (46)
PrIdw iKMQiV myKw AglIAw ijMdu n kweI myK ]
Fareed, there are many seams on the patched coat,
but there are no seams on the soul.

vwrI Awpo AwpxI cly mswiek syK ] 47 ]
The shaykhs and their disciples have all departed,
each in his own turn. (47)

PrIdw duhu dIvI blidAw mlku bihTw Awie ]
Fareed, the two lamps are lit, but death has come anyway.
gVu lIqw Gtu luitAw dIvVy gieAw buJwie ] 48 ]
It has captured the fortress of the body,
and plundered the home of the heart;
it extinguishes the lamps and departs. (48)

PrIdw vyKu kpwhY ij QIAw ij isir QIAw iqlwh ]
Fareed, look at what has happened to the cotton and the sesame seed,
kmwdY Aru kwgdY kuMny koieilAwh ]
the sugar cane and paper, the clay pots and the charcoal.
mMdy Aml kryidAw eyh sjwie iqnwh ] 49 ]
This is the punishment for those who do evil deeds. (49)

 PrIdw kMin muslw sUPu gil idil kwqI guVu vwiq ]
Fareed, you wear your prayer shawl on your shoulders and
the robes of a Sufi; your words are sweet,
but there is a dagger in your heart.

bwhir idsY cwnxw idil AMiDAwrI rwiq ] 50 ]
Outwardly, you look bright, but your heart is dark as night. (50)
PrIdw rqI rqu n inklY jy qnu cIrY koie ]

Fareed, not even a drop of blood would issue forth,
if someone cut my body.

jo qn rqy rb isau iqn qin rqu n hoie ] 51 ]
Those bodies which are imbued with the Lord —,
those bodies contain no blood. (51)

m 3 ] iehu qnu sBo rqu hY rqu ibnu qMnu n hoie ]
Guru Amar Das: This body is all blood; without blood,
this body could not exist.

jo sh rqy Awpxy iqqu qin loBu rqu n hoie ]
Those who are imbued with their Lord,
do not have the blood of greed in their bodies.

BY pieAY qnu KIxu hoie loBu rqu ivchu jwie ]
When the Fear of God fills the body, it becomes thin;
the blood of greed departs from within.

ijau bYsMqir Dwqu suDu hoie
iqau hir kw Bau durmiq mYlu gvwie ]
Just as metal is purified by fire,
the Fear of God removes the filthy residues of evil-mindedness.

nwnk qy jn sohxy ij rqy hir rMgu lwie ] 52 ]
O Nanak, those humble beings are beautiful,
who are imbued with the Lord’s Love. (52) 

PrIdw soeI srvru FUiF lhu ijQhu lBI vQu ]
Fareed, seek that sacred pool, in which the genuine article is found.
CpiV FUFY ikAw hovY ickiV fubY hQu ] 53 ]
Why do you bother to search in the pond?
Your hand will only sink into the mud. (53)

PrIdw nFI kMqu n rwivE vfI QI mueIAwsu ]
Fareed, when she is young, she does not enjoy her Husband.
When she grows up, she dies.

Dn kUkyNdI gor myN qY sh nw imlIAwsu ] 54 ]
Lying in the grave, the soul-bride cries,
"I did not meet You, my Lord." (54)

PrIdw isru pilAw dwVI plI muCW BI plIAW ]
Fareed, your hair has turned grey, your beard has turned grey,
and your moustache has turned grey.

ry mn gihly bwvly mwxih ikAw rlIAW ] 55 ]
O my thoughtless and insane mind,
why are you indulging in pleasures? (55)

PrIdw koTy Dukxu kyqVw ipr nIdVI invwir ]
Fareed, how long can you run on the rooftop?
You are asleep to your Husband Lord — give it up!

jo idh lDy gwxvy gey ivlwiV ivlwiV ] 56 ]
The days which were allotted to you are numbered,
and they are passing, passing away. (56)

PrIdw koTy mMfp mwVIAw eyqu n lwey icqu ]
Fareed, houses, mansions and balconies —,
do not attach your consciousness to these.

imtI peI AqolvI koie n hosI imqu ] 57 ]
When these collapse into heaps of dust, none of them will be your friend. (57)  

PrIdw mMfp mwlu n lwie mrg sqwxI iciq Dir ]
Fareed, do not focus on mansions and wealth;
center your consciousness on death, your powerful enemy.
sweI jwie sm@wil ijQY hI qau vM\xw ] 58 ]
Remember that place where you must go. (58)
PrIdw jn@I kMmI nwih gux qy kMmVy ivswir ]
Fareed, those deeds which do not bring merit —,
forget about those deeds.
mqu srimMdw QIvhI sWeI dY drbwir ] 59 ]
Otherwise, you shall be put to shame,
in the Court of the Lord. (59)
PrIdw swihb kI kir cwkrI idl hI lwih BrWid ]
Fareed, work for your Lord and Master;
dispel the doubts of your heart.
drvysW no loVIAY ruKW dI jIrWid ] 60 ]
The dervishes, the humble devotees,
have the patient endurance of trees. (60)
PrIdw kwly mYfy kpVy kwlw mYfw vysu ]
Fareed, my clothes are black, and my outfit is black.
gunhI BirAw mY iPrw loku khY drvysu ] 61 ]
I wander around full of sins, and yet people call me
a dervish, a holy man. (61)
qqI qoie n plvY jy jil tubI dyie ]
The crop which is burnt will not bloom,
even if it is soaked in water.
PrIdw jo fohwgix rb dI JUrydI JUryie ] 62 ]
Fareed, she who is forsaken by her Husband Lord,
grieves and laments. (62)

jW kuAwrI qw cwau vIvwhI qW mwmly ]
When she is a virgin, she is full of desire;
but when she is married, then her troubles begin.
PrIdw eyho pCoqwau viq kuAwrI n QIAY ] 63 ]
Fareed, she has this one regret,
that she cannot be a virgin again. (63)
klr kyrI CpVI Awie aulQy hMJ ]
The swans have landed in a small pond of salt water.
icMjU boVin@ nw pIvih aufx sMdI fMJ ] 64 ]
They dip in their bills, but do not drink;
they fly away, still thirsty. (64)
hMsu aufir koDRY pieAw loku ivfwrix jwie ]
The swans fly away, and land in the fields of grain.
gihlw loku n jwxdw hMsu n koDRw Kwie ] 65 ]
The people go to chase them away.
The thoughtless people do not know,
that the swans do not eat the grain. (65)
cil cil geIAW pMKIAW ijn@I vswey ql ]
The birds which lived in the pools have flown away and left.
PrIdw sru BirAw BI clsI Qky kvl iekl ] 66 ]
Fareed, the overflowing pool shall also pass away,
and only the lotus flowers shall remain. (66)
PrIdw iet isrwxy Buie svxu kIVw liVE mwis ]
Fareed, a stone will be your pillow,
and the earth will be your bed.
kyqiVAw jug vwpry iekqu pieAw pwis ] 67 ]
The worms shall eat into your flesh.
Countless ages will pass,
and you will still be lying on one side. (67)

 PrIdw BMnI GVI svMnvI tutI nwgr lju ]
Fareed, your beautiful body shall break apart,
and the subtle thread of the breath shall be snapped.

AjrweIlu Prysqw kY Gir nwTI Aju ] 68 ]
In which house will the Messenger of Death be a guest today? (68)
PrIdw BMnI GVI svMnvI tUtI nwgr lju ]
Fareed, your beautiful body shall break apart,
and the subtle thread of the breath shall be snapped.

jo sjx Buie Bwru Qy sy ikau Awvih Aju ] 69 ]
Those friends who were a burden on the earth —,
how can they come today? (69)

PrIdw by invwjw kuiqAw eyh n BlI rIiq ]
Fareed: O faithless dog,
this is not a good way of life.

kb hI cil n AwieAw pMjy vKq msIiq ] 70 ]
You never come to the mosque for your five daily prayers. (70)
auTu PrIdw aujU swij subh invwj gujwir ]
Rise up, Fareed, and cleanse yourself;
chant your morning prayer.

jo isru sWeI nw invY so isru kip auqwir ] 71 ]
The head which does not bow to the Lord —,
chop off and remove that head. (71)

jo isru sweI nw invY so isru kIjY kWie ]
That head which does not bow to the Lord —,
what is to be done with that head?

kuMny hyiT jlweIAY bwlx sMdY Qwie ] 72 ]
Put it in the fireplace,
instead of firewood. (72)

 PrIdw ikQY qYfy mwipAw ijn@I qU jixEih ]
Fareed, where are your mother and father,
who gave birth to you?

qY pwshu Eie lid gey qUM AjY n pqIxoih ] 73 ]
They have left you, but even so,
you are not convinced that you shall also have to go. (73)

PrIdw mnu mYdwnu kir toey itby lwih ]
Fareed, flatten out your mind;
smooth out the hills and valleys.

AgY mUil n AwvsI dojk sMdI Bwih ] 74 ]
Hereafter, the fires of hell shall not even approach you. (74)
mhlw 5 ] PrIdw Kwlku Klk mih Klk vsY rb mwih ]
Guru Arjan Dev: Fareed, the Creator is in the Creation,
and the Creation abides in God.

mMdw iks no AwKIAY jW iqsu ibnu koeI nwih ] 75 ]
Whom can we call bad?
There is none without Him. (75)

PrIdw ij idih nwlw kipAw jy glu kpih cuK ]
Fareed, if on that day when my umbilical cord was cut,
my throat had been cut instead,

pvin n ieqI mwmly shW n ieqI duK ] 76 ]
I would not have fallen into so many troubles,
or undergone so many hardships. (76)

cbx clx rqMn sy suxIAr bih gey ]
My teeth, feet, eyes and ears have stopped working.
hyVy muqI Dwh sy jwnI cil gey ] 77 ]
My body cries out,
"Those whom I knew have left me!" (77)

 PrIdw bury dw Blw kir gusw min n hFwie ]
Fareed, answer evil with goodness;
do not fill your mind with anger.

dyhI rogu n lgeI plY sBu ikCu pwie ] 78 ]
Your body shall not suffer from any disease,
and you shall obtain everything. (78)

PrIdw pMK prwhuxI dunI suhwvw bwgu ]
Fareed, the bird is a guest in this beautiful world-garden.
naubiq vjI subh isau clx kw kir swju ] 79 ]
The morning drums are beating — get ready to leave! (79)
PrIdw rwiq kQUrI vMfIAY suiqAw imlY n Bwau ]
Fareed, musk is released at night.
Those who are sleeping do not receive their share.

ijMn@w nYx nˆIdRwvly iqMn@w imlxu kuAwau ] 80 ]
Those whose eyes are heavy with sleep —,
how can they receive it? (80)

PrIdw mY jwinAw duKu muJ kU duKu sbwieAY jig ]
Fareed, I thought that I was in trouble;
the whole world is in trouble!

aUcy ciV kY dyiKAw qW Gir Gir eyhw Aig ] 81 ]
When I climbed the hill and looked around,
I saw this fire in each and every home. (81)

mhlw 5 ] PrIdw BUim rMgwvlI mMiJ ivsUlw bwg ]
Guru Arjan Dev: Fareed, in the midst of this beautiful earth,
there is a garden of thorns.

jo jn pIir invwijAw iqMn@w AMc n lwg ] 82 ]
Those humble beings who are blessed by their spiritual teacher,
do not suffer even a scratch. (82)

 mhlw 5 ] PrIdw aumr suhwvVI sMig suvMnVI dyh ]
Guru Arjan Dev: Fareed, life is blessed and beautiful,
along with the beautiful body.

ivrly kyeI pweIAin@ ijMn@w ipAwry nyh ] 83 ]
Only a rare few are found, who love their Beloved Lord. (83)
kMDI vhx n Fwih qau BI lyKw dyvxw ]
O river, do not destroy your banks;
you too will be asked to give your account.

ijDir rb rjwie vhxu iqdwaU gMau kry ] 84 ]
The river flows in whatever direction the Lord orders. (84)
PrIdw fuKw syqI idhu gieAw sUlW syqI rwiq ]
Fareed, the day passes painfully;
the night is spent in anguish.

KVw pukwry pwqxI byVw kpr vwiq ] 85 ]
The boatman stands up and shouts,
"The boat is caught in the whirlpool!" (85)

lmI lmI ndI vhY kMDI kyrY hyiq ]
The river flows on and on; it loves to eat into its banks.
byVy no kpru ikAw kry jy pwqx rhY sucyiq ] 86 ]
What can the whirlpool do to the boat,
if the boatman remains alert? (86)

PrIdw glˆI su sjx vIh ieku FUMFydI n lhW ]
Fareed, there are dozens who say they are friends;
I search, but I cannot find even one.

DuKW ijau mWlIh kwrix iqMn@w mw iprI ] 87 ]
I yearn for my beloved like a smouldering fire. (87)  

PrIdw iehu qnu Baukxw inq inq duKIAY kauxu ]
Fareed, this body is always barking.
Who can stand this constant suffering?
kMnI bujy dy rhW ikqI vgY pauxu ] 88 ]
I have put plugs in my ears;
I don’t care how much the wind is blowing. (88)
PrIdw rb KjUrI pkIAW mwiKA neI vhMin@ ]
Fareed, God’s dates have ripened, and rivers of honey flow.
jo jo vM\YN fIhVw so aumr hQ pvMin ] 89 ]
With each passing day, your life is being stolen away. (89)
PrIdw qnu sukw ipMjru QIAw qlIAW KUMfih kwg ]
Fareed, my withered body has become a skeleton;
the crows are pecking at my palms.
AjY su rbu n bwhuiVE dyKu bMdy ky Bwg ] 90 ]
Even now, God has not come to help me;
behold, this is the fate of all mortal beings. (90)
kwgw krMg FFoilAw sglw KwieAw mwsu ]
The crows have searched my skeleton, and eaten all my flesh.
ey duie nYnw miq Cuhau ipr dyKn kI Aws ] 91 ]
But please do not touch these eyes;
I hope to see my Lord. (91)
kwgw cUMif n ipMjrw bsY q aufir jwih ]
O crow, do not peck at my skeleton;
if you have landed on it, fly away.
ijqu ipMjrY myrw shu vsY mwsu n iqdU Kwih ] 92 ]
Do not eat the flesh from that skeleton,
within which my Husband Lord abides. (92)

 PrIdw gor inmwxI sfu kry inGirAw Gir Awau ]
Fareed, the poor grave calls out,
"O homeless one, come back to your home.

srpr mYQY Awvxw mrxhu n firAwhu ] 93 ]
You shall surely have to come to me;
do not be afraid of death." (93)

eynI loiexI dyKidAw kyqI cil geI ]
These eyes have seen a great many leave.
PrIdw lokW Awpo AwpxI mY AwpxI peI ] 94 ]
Fareed, the people have their fate, and I have mine. (94)
Awpu svwrih mY imlih mY imilAw suKu hoie ]
God says, "If you reform yourself, you shall meet me,
and meeting me, you shall be at peace.

PrIdw jy qUM myrw hoie rhih sBu jgu qyrw hoie ] 95 ]
O Fareed, if you will be mine,
the whole world will be yours." (95)

kMDI auqY ruKVw ikcrku bMnY DIru ]
How long can the tree remain implanted on the river-bank?
PrIdw kcY BWfY rKIAY ikcru qweI nIru ] 96 ]
Fareed, how long can water be kept in a soft clay pot? (96)
PrIdw mhl insKx rih gey vwsw AwieAw qil ]
Fareed, the mansions are vacant;
those who lived in them have gone to live underground

gorW sy inmwxIAw bhsin rUhW mil ]
They remain there, in those unhonored graves.
AwKIN syKw bMdgI clxu Aju ik kil ] 97 ]
O Shaykh, dedicate yourself to God;
you will have to depart, today or tomorrow. (97)

PrIdw mauqY dw bMnw eyvY idsY ijau drIAwvY Fwhw ]
Fareed, the shore of death looks like the river-bank, being eroded away.
AgY dojku qipAw suxIAY hUl pvY kwhwhw ]
Beyond is the burning hell, from which cries and shrieks are heard.
ieknw no sB soJI AweI ieik iPrdy vyprvwhw ]
Some understand this completely, while others wander around carelessly.
Aml ij kIiqAw dunI ivic sy drgh Egwhw ] 98 ]
Those actions which are done in this world,
shall be examined in the Court of the Lord. (98)

PrIdw drIAwvY kMn@Y bgulw bYTw kyl kry ]
Fareed, the crane perches on the river bank, playing joyfully.
kyl krydy hMJ no AicMqy bwj pey ]
While it is playing, a hawk suddenly pounces on it.
bwj pey iqsu rb dy kylW ivsrIAW ]
When the Hawk of God attacks, playful sport is forgotten.
jo min iciq n cyqy sin so gwlI rb kIAW ] 99 ]
God does what is not expected or even considered. (99)
swFy qRY mx dyhurI clY pwxI AMin ]
The body is nourished by water and grain.
AwieE bMdw dunI ivic viq AwsUxI bMin@ ]
The mortal comes into the world with high hopes.
mlkl mauq jW AwvsI sB drvwjy BMin ]
But when the Messenger of Death comes, it breaks down all the doors.
iqn@w ipAwirAw BweIAW AgY idqw bMin@ ]
It binds and gags the mortal,
before the eyes of his beloved brothers.

vyKhu bMdw cilAw chu jixAw dY kMin@ ]
Behold, the mortal being is going away,
carried on the shoulders of four men.
PrIdw Aml ij kIqy dunI ivic drgh Awey kMim ] 100 ]
Fareed, only those good deeds done in the world
will be of any use in the Court of the Lord. (100)
PrIdw hau bilhwrI iqn@ pMKIAw jMgil ijMn@w vwsu ]
Fareed, I am a sacrifice to those birds which live in the jungle.
kkru cugin Qil vsin rb n Cofin pwsu ] 101 ]
They peck at the roots and live on the ground,
but they do not leave the Lord’s side. (101)
PrIdw ruiq iPrI vxu kMibAw pq JVy JiV pwih ]
Fareed, the seasons change, the woods shake
and the leaves drop from the trees.
cwry kuMfw FUMFIAW rhxu ikQwaU nwih ] 102 ]
I have searched in the four directions,
but I have not found any resting place anywhere. (102)
PrIdw pwiV ptolw Dj krI kMblVI pihryau ]
Fareed, I have torn my clothes to tatters;
now I wear only a rough blanket.
ijn@I vysI shu imlY syeI vys kryau ] 103 ]
I wear only those clothes which will lead me to meet my Lord. (103)
m 3 ] kwie ptolw pwVqI kMblVI pihryie ]
Guru Amar Das: Who do you tear apart your fine clothes,
and take to wearing a rough blanket?
nwnk Gr hI bYiTAw shu imlY jy nIAiq rwis kryie  104 ]
O Nanak, even sitting in your own home, you can meet the Lord,
if your mind is in the right place. (104)

m 5 ] PrIdw grbu ijn@w vifAweIAw Din jobin Awgwh ]
Guru Arjan Dev: Fareed, those who are very proud of their greatness,
wealth and youth,

KwlI cly DxI isau itby ijau mIhwhu ] 105 ]
shall return empty-handed from their Lord,
like sandhills after the rain. (105)|

PrIdw iqnw muK frwvxy ijnw ivswirEnu nwau ]
Fareed, the faces of those who forget the Lord’s Name are dreadful.
AYQY duK GxyirAw AgY Taur n Twau ] 106 ]
They suffer terrible pain here,
and hereafter they find no place of rest or refuge. (106)

PrIdw ipCl rwiq n jwigEih jIvdVo muieEih ]
Fareed, if you do not awaken in the early hours before dawn,
you are dead while yet alive.

jy qY rbu ivswirAw q rib n ivsirEih ] 107 ]
Although you have forgotten God, God has not forgotten you. (107)
m 5 ] PrIdw kMqu rMgwvlw vfw vymuhqwju ]
Guru Arjan Dev: Fareed, my Husband Lord is full of joy;
He is Great and Self-sufficient.

Alh syqI riqAw eyhu scwvW swju ] 108 ]
To be imbued with the Lord God —,
this is the most beautiful decoration. (108)

m 5 ] PrIdw duKu suKu ieku kir idl qy lwih ivkwru ]
Guru Arjan Dev: Fareed, look upon pleasure and pain as the same;
eradicate corruption from your heart.

Alh BwvY so Blw qW lBI drbwru ] 109 ]
Whatever pleases the Lord God is good;
understand this, and you will reach His Court. (109)

m 5 ] PrIdw dunI vjweI vjdI qUM BI vjih nwil ]
Guru Arjan Dev: Fareed, the world dances as it dances,
and you dance with it as well.
soeI jIau n vjdw ijsu Alhu krdw swr ] 110 ]
That soul alone does not dance with it,
who is under the care of the Lord God. (110)
m 5 ] PrIdw idlu rqw iesu dunI isau dunI n ikqY kMim ]
Guru Arjan Dev: Fareed, the heart is imbued with this world,
but the world is of no use to it at all.
imsl PkIrW gwKVI su pweIAY pUr krMim ] 111 ]
It is so difficult to be like the fakeers —,
the Holy Saints; it is only achieved by perfect karma. (111)
pihlY phrY PulVw Plu BI pCw rwiq ]
The first watch of the night brings flowers,
and the later watches of the night bring fruit.
jo jwgMin@ lhMin sy sweI kMno dwiq ] 112 ]
Those who remain awake and aware,
receive the gifts from the Lord. (112)
dwqI swihb sMdIAw ikAw clY iqsu nwil ]
The gifts are from our Lord and Master;
who can force Him to bestow them?
ieik jwgMdy nw lhin@ iekn@w suiqAw dyie auTwil ] 113 ]
Some are awake, and do not receive them,
while He awakens others from sleep to bless them. (113)
FUFydIey suhwg kU qau qin kweI kor ]
You search for your Husband Lord;
you must have some fault in your body.
ijn@w nwau suhwgxI iqn@w Jwk n hor ] 114 ]
Those who are known as happy soul-brides, do not look to others. (114)

sbr mMJ kmwx ey sbru kw nIhxo ]
Within yourself, make patience the bow,
make patience the bowstring,
and make patience the arrow.

sbr sMdw bwxu Kwlku Kqw n krI ] 115 ]
The Creator will not let you miss the target. (115)
sbr AMdir swbrI qnu eyvY jwlyin@ ]
Those who are patient abide in patience;
in this way, they burn their bodies.

hoin njIik Kudwie dY Byqu n iksY dyin ] 116 ]
They are close to the Lord,
but they do not reveal their secret to anyone. (116)

sbru eyhu suAwau jy qUM bMdw idVu krih ]
Let patience be your purpose in life;
implant this within your being.

viD QIvih drIAwau tuit n QIvih vwhVw ] 117 ]
In this way, you will grow into a great river;
you will not break off into a tiny stream. (117)

PrIdw drvysI gwKVI copVI prIiq ]
Fareed, it is difficult to be a dervish —,
a Holy Saint;
it is easier to love bread when it is buttered.

iekin iknY cwlIAY drvyswvI rIiq ] 118 ]
Only a rare few follow the way of the Saints. (118)

qnu qpY qnUr ijau bwlxu hf blin@ ]
My body is cooking like an oven; my bones are burning like firewood.
pYrI QkW isir julW jy mUM iprI imlin@ ] 119 ]
If my feet become tired,
I will walk on my head, if I can meet my Beloved. (119)
qnu n qpwie qnUr ijau bwlxu hf n bwil ]
Do not heat up your body like an oven,
and do not burn your bones like firewood.

isir pYrI ikAw PyiVAw AMdir iprI inhwil ] 120 ]
What harm have your feet and head done to you?
Behold your Beloved within yourself. (120)|

hau FUFydI sjxw sjxu mYfy nwil ]
I search for my Friend, but my Friend is already with me.
nwnk AlKu n lKIAY gurmuiK dyie idKwil ] 121 ]
O Nanak, the Unseen Lord cannot be seen;
He is revealed only to the Gurmukh. (121)

hMsw dyiK qrMidAw bgw AwieAw cwau ]
Seeing the swans swimming, the cranes became excited.
fuib muey bg bpuVy isru qil aupir pwau ] 122 ]
The poor cranes were drowned to death,
with their heads below the water and their feet sticking out above. (122)|

mY jwixAw vf hMsu hY qW mY kIqw sMgu ]
I knew him as a great swan, so I associated with him.
jy jwxw bgu bpuVw jnim n ByVI AMgu ] 123 ]
If I had known that he was a only wretched crane,
I would never in my life have crossed paths with him. (123)

ikAw hMsu ikAw bgulw jw kau ndir Dry ]
Who is a swan,
and who is a crane,

jy iqsu BwvY nwnkw kwghu hMsu kry ] 124 ]
if God blesses him with His Glance of Grace? (124)
srvr pMKI hykVo PwhIvwl pcws ]
There is only one bird in the lake,
but there are fifty trappers.

iehu qnu lhrI gfu iQAw scy qyrI Aws ] 125 ]
This body is caught in the waves of desire.
O my True Lord,
You are my only hope! (125)

kvxu su AKru kvxu guxu kvxu su mxIAw mMqu ]
What is that word,
what is that virtue,
and what is that magic mantra?

kvxu su vyso hau krI ijqu vis AwvY kMqu ] 126 ]
What are those clothes,
which I can wear to captivate my Husband Lord? (126)

invxu su AKru Kvxu guxu ijhbw mxIAw mMqu ]
Humility is the word,
forgiveness is the virtue,
and sweet speech is the magic mantra.

ey qRY BYxy vys kir qW vis AwvI kMqu ] 127 ]
Wear these three robes,
O sister,
and you will captivate your Husband Lord. (127)

miq hodI hoie ieAwxw ]
If you are wise, be simple;
qwx hody hoie inqwxw ]
if you are powerful, be weak;
Axhody Awpu vMfwey ]
and when there is nothing to share,
then share with others.

ko AYsw Bgqu sdwey ] 128 ]
How rare is one
who known as such a devotee. (128)

ieku iPkw n gwlwie sBnw mY scw DxI ]
Do not utter even a single harsh word;
your True Lord and Master abides in all.

ihAwau n kYhI Twih mwxk sB Amolvy ] 129 ]
Do not break anyone’s heart;
these are all priceless jewels. (129)

sBnw mn mwixk Twhxu mUil mcWgvw ]
The minds of all are like precious jewels;
to harm them is not good at all.

jy qau iprIAw dI isk ihAwau n Twhy khI dw ] 130 ]

If you desire your Beloved,
then do not break anyone’s heart. (130)